And round and round she goes

Well managed to finnish the work yesterday on the instalation, but found out the asus got quite hot which my uncle never mentioned to me before, and since that tellys with everyone online I decided to not bother with it.
The netgear works, its setup, its got firmware updated and it works.
Before that I had pork belly for lunch at a pub called montros, expensive but usually good enough.
Going backwards, saturday I payed bills, updated hp devices, and got the jabra setup.
Friday, I went to rencon for lunch, japanese and that was good and shopped.
Thursday I went to coffee as usual.
Wednesday, I went to browns bay for lunch in the french cafe, on monday not much happened.
I managed to finnish another task pack for eurofly.
Dad is sick with a cold, and so is in bed, bathroom work will continue tomorrow maybe, architect will be round to look at some windows, and some trees need cutting.
One of dads friends who I also know came up on friday night, and chatted, he just happens to own a damler so I may go looky at said thing.
This week’s only other possible thing is the going out on friday with dad for birthday things, I have also got a shaver from dad for birthday.
Not much is planned for this week but I always say that, mum and I will be having harcuts, there is at least 1 walk, not much else.

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happy birthday to me week

Well the multibirthday thing happened, the italian joint we went to was well it was fine not great but fine enough but costly.
Worked on an old asus wireless extender and will finnish that work setting up a netgear and testing the asus later for my uncle.
Yesterday I mucked with jono, had a roast, got a fair bit of food, and had some, and not much else.
This week for once I am empty of things, birthday things are going on, however with today being that friends I usually walk with are not here I am not certain what I will be doing.
If its not to wet I want to go to market and have lunch.
Because of alergies of friends I walk with, including some fruit and bread products market food is not much good for those people.
Not much else planned.
Aunt gave me some music, mum a pair of pants all of them early.
Not much else doing this week.
Dad may want to go out this friday who knows.
The bathroom has a leak somewhere which means the replacement of some tiles and we have a new touch pad dryer which just like the washing machine I am going to have trouble using.
Laters just now.

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Another week

Hi all.
Its another week, I got aunt a jabra freeway and have been sorting it out.
Charging it, updating it, reading userguides.
It can charge on a standard charger for usb if it needs to and a car charger.
I talked to jabra about it and well just to say they are quite supportive, so thanks guys for that.
This week is the standard updating of windows and other things, flash has another update as does codecguide.
On saturday, is the multi birthday celebrations for myself, an aunt, uncle and cousin all in that order, I don’t have those in a single unit, hmmm wander if I had all those, pluss mum, dad, brothers, sisters and all family in a single unit if I could get cash from ginis or something.
Hmm but if I was in a single unit, hmmm a borg moment perhaps?
At any rate, a week after that will include on a saturday my birthday with jono, and shortly after that my birthday the monday of the next week, wednesday that week will be interesting, and the sunday of that week maybe to who knows.
After that in july th 19th being the aniversery of my grandpas passing we will be scattering the ashes and going out for dinner.
Then its father’s day, another cousin’s birthday, and well then its almost the end of the year.
Going walking soon, brilliant day to do that.
Ooh and we beat the french at rugby.

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End of the line for skype

Hi all.
It is with heavy heart that I have no choice but to leave skype for ever.
I will still have skype for those that want to get in touch but as always you will need to email me first.
If you are in new zealand or australia I am going to start giving my home number out simply because skype is dead.
At least for now skype classic remains.
Luckily I don’t need skype for my business work I will need it for family things unless I move to whatsapp on a smartphone that is.
If you want to skype me, ask and you can, but the days of me logging on to it every day are numbered.
In fact I pulled out of nvda chat group, the only reason I logon to skype.
While I will keep skype around for personal reasons I am going to pull it out of my register.
Maybe I will try skype web through maranda, if I can use this to call then maybe its a solution but the skype client has gone nova and this time I think its for good.
Today, an update pushed me to a preview of 8x.
I know ms are moving away from classic but all I ask now is if they don’t want to update it that they leave it up for those that want it and in addition pull skype classic from the updateable skype clients.
For now I can still get it but The only reason I have an ms account now is for store apps on 10.
That and weather and news.
And I don’t need news and weather on there as such so store apps which I do have some I have brought.
I am not happy with this.
I am not certain why microsoft erodes its userbase like this.
Firstly it was its music to spotify, and now this.
There is barely a need for a home user that is not a business or on the go to even have an apps account unless he has and uses onedrive exclusively, and definately no need to login with a microsoft account.
For business users well.
To be honest, microsoft you can go to hell and take your fucking account with you which you wrecked for us home users that were actually doing ok before.
True there is tv and books and maps but to be honest thats that.

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The week’s ramblings

Yeah I know its the start of another week and I am only just getting this one sorted.
Not much happened.
Firstly, I should have got my a10 at nole leaming when I had the chance or was it jb hifi.
Suddenly the a series seem to have mostly gone.
The rest are not much better.
Mostly a 4 6 and maybe 1 9
My plan next is to hit the rizen chips, they are new and seem to be ained for gamers and standard users.
They are fully multithreaded, and unlike the intel systems just don’t have issues or lets hope so.
It will mean I will not be getting a light system though.
3kg ultrabook is what I am aiming for.
Interestingly I looked and found an asus r7 system, it has the same specs my r5 I am looking from hp but costs 1-2000 bucks more.
The extra cost? a slightly better graphics card and 1 ghz of cpu power.
Thats really not enough for me to justify spending on it.
The good thing is that rizen seems to be the future for the amd chip.
For 800 bucks I can buy a rizen 3 or 1100 a rizen5 and for the extra 300 bucks its not a stretch.
Still this thing continues to be and while it does I will not be moving.
When it dies I will be going rizen and probably a laptop.
It will be an ultrabook right now basically an entertainment tablet.
1tb hdd, 256gb ssd, I think its got 8gb ram or is it 16?
I may try to get 16gb ram and a 500gb ssd but we will see.
I don’t need extra ssd size as such but still it would be nice.
In other news, among the usual things including helping aunt with all her computer things and bills, iphone updates etc I went to jono and such and and had a good day.
I have set my birthday friends party for 23rd june.
Things are coming so fast.
The next things on my mind this year will be a service and reformat of the systems uncle al has.
Well 1 of those.
I am unsure what is next on the electronics list.
I go to australia in october and will probably report my status in september though I do have enough time to report before I go.
Work wize, nothing as such, however I met one of my old instructers from swimming classes in my yunger days and she may have access to something maybe.
Still whatever.
Work right now doesn’t exist, It appears nothing from usual sources.
Later all

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and it didn’t happen

Hi all.
Well the new system idea didn’t happen.
I entered the shop I chose, you can ask me off blog if you really want the name.
Its not the general shop I would choose my plan was to get an hp ak170013ax though I had seen a 008ax which I may still get down the road.
Anyway, The seller was keen to sell me the system.
He was ready to install upgrades no questions asked, ready to make a recovery disk for me upgrade the os and everything.
Good, my guts started to tell me this was a bad idea, something didn’t fit.
I was on a role, with a new bed and all that I was bullet proof.
Another free external drive oh boy, a mouse, a bag.
Wow, and this new system, its a z50, I’ve never heard it before so it must be new, I mean the seller wouldn’t be shitting me, I’ve never seen it ever but that doesn’t matter.
Its not what I really want but what I really want doesn’t exist anyway so why not.
Lets get it with all the upgrades.
The guy began to then say how insecure I was, and started pushing trend micro, and norton products on me, at expensive prices for all my devices including smart phones.
I said no, but that should have been a clue.
I got home, run lenovo.
Strange doesn’t appear but maybe I search.
nothing, oh well lets sleep on it.
The next day, I did a full search on all the sites the shop’s site, all the other shop sites, lenovo’s site.
Then I started worrying.
Not there?
it must be a missprint.
Sick to the stomach, I did a search on the series, z50.
Yes there was a z50-75 released last year, and there were reviews for it but not a general list.
Reviews looked ok.
But the z50 series, expired in 2014, the so called latest stuff may not be the latest.
I was paying round 2000 for it.
At this point my guts decided to kick me in the balls vary hard, what a wanker.
I pulled out, to many unknowns.
There is at least 2-3 years till this laptop dropps out of win7 and after that we will see.
So whats next in reguard to the new system.
The laptop was good, good for school, good for university, good for well everything.
Good to travel, good to sit outside good to run round with.
Here is the thing.
No school, no uni, and no job means the forces business people usually get forced on just don’t fit my profile.
No travel, I think once I used my laptop in melbourne for a month stay and that was at least 10 years back.
I remember 2 more trips where I took my laptop round and either never used it or used it so sparingly I may as well not have had anything at all.
And as for sitting outside, Bar a few sunny days I prefur not to bother with that.
So with all the sound issues and bloat, the next system will probablybe a desktop, or an older style laptop but probably a desktop.
Its upgradeable, cheaper and well quite good.
As for a laptop, my plan would be a netbook or something for travel, or an older laptop, or something.
It needs to…
1. run thunderbird and waterfox and maybe winamp.
2. be wireless.
and thats probably it.
Os wize, to be honest something like windows 7 or even windows xp for all it is will be enough.
Its not like I will be doing much with it.
Ofcause if another unit comes with my specs I may continue with it.

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A week of new tech

Well a lot of stuff has happened for this week.
Firstly on wednesday my new bed showed up.
That being a nice medium king coil matress with back support and a base with 2 drawers in it.
Topped off with a delicious jell pillow.
Thats makes shaun happy in deed, a nice place to sleep and store some of my t-shirts and shorts.
Updates were few ccleaner, a firmware update for aunt, a windows 10 update, and dropbox on the side.
No email bills to handle tomorrow so I can get my work done quickly and chill for once.
Next a new system.
There isn’t anything wrong with this os, except that windows 7 is on its way out and I am working on a new box.
This is a lenovo z50 which aparently is old as or a new series I can’t find it anywhere in its current configuration.
It contains an amd fx9000 top range processer, 8gb of ram updated to 16gb, a 256gb ssd updated to a 512gb ssd, a 1 tb external 7000 rpm hdd, a mouse, and carry case and a backup recovery usb stick.
It will run windows 10 home which I will have to update to pro so my readers work on it right and I have control of things but thats about it.
There isn’t a dvd drive as such so I will have to run an external drive to run dvds in the box.
At least for a little while this old toshiba which still works will continue to work on windows 7 64 bit, though to be honest, I may end up loading it with 32 bit windows so I can run a lot of my old stuff as well as a lot of extra things.
I can also take that on the road.
My plan is probably to turn this old box into some sort of multimedia stereo hookup and games box with the ability to muck about on it doing what I always do.
I am happy at least for now that I still get a win7 system to keep with.
Its still working and I do like hdds.
A lot of people still say the cloud is the way but to get cloud data that doesn’t need your hard drive to store it on to access it well.
I still like local storage.
This seems to be a lot of things going on at any rate.
Thats basically it, I just hope things are not squed with things the deal is good and I have a lenovo.
Lets hope I have a totally unlocked soundcard like people says they do so I can actually have a system that actually works.
Also I really hope newer games work on here else I will have to continue to use the old box to game on.
The only other things I did were mundain things.
Rebuilding the sync system because one of the users I have has had to change his keys.
On the other hand the system starts much faster and works well.
Next because of europe and its privacy policies pluss money things a lot of updating details today.
And also a lot of extra things.
including but not limited to, the rebuilding of my monitering jetpack on the other blog I manage.
Thats about it, except to say that due to caren not walking on sunday its probably off to market I go.

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