end week report

Well nothing wrong with eyes, just serface iritation.
Its something I can handle if it gets to bad I can get it handled by the doctors but since it may come back well whatever.
As usual I am up because of alergies and the like.
I slept all night till 2 am, forced myself to sleep till 4 am, and quit trying to do that round 4.30 am.
I went to sleep at 9.30 pm.
And on cue at 2-3am my eyes started hurting and my nose started being a total blocked jungle with its usual chronic itch.
So I am up because I may as well use the energy I have to finnish all my work which thankfully is not looking like much.
Today, I will try to contact uncle john to see about cameras.
If not, then I am not sure.
I have training, followed by checking a couple online things but to be honest after that, and the sheer lack of any real work today thank the lord I am going to try to get out or at least sit out and try and sleep during the day.
Or I may physically go out and do things, mum ordered some plates so maybe today or tomorrow we go to town and see what we see.
The next week will be a normal week bar the patch tuesday thing.
If I can get through next week there will be packing then I go.
And I am not taking my laptop with me, just a radio and a recorder.
I look forward to saying fuck off to technology, my life and the world for 2 weeks.
The fact is I get easily destracted and the net is a good place to loose one’s self.
I got through everything from foundation elections to shopping so I am pleased its all done.

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Midweek progress report

Hi all.
Well thought I’d come down with a mid week report because a: lots of stuff has gone on.
And B: I am up because I need to go out with dad for some things this morning.
Betwene my elergies, eyes and nose, I have been sleeping in early and waking up early, almost to early.
Usually I’d be concerned but this week is full of a lot of things.
First, my hair is cut!
Secondly, win10 1809 is out, installed and configgured without all the issues of last update.
True there were a few things I needed to do but not as many, I spent most of the time about 2 hours downloading and installing the update.
There were a few extras I had to load but everything just worked and ran.
I had lunch with a friend and ryan came round last night and got cake for his birthday with his girlfriend sally.
I seem to be the most energetic morning, but once the sun is up, I will struggle along till about 9, at which point I will sleep.
I have yet to set up the camera situation with uncle john, and to be honest am not sure if I should till the friday night or just before.
Thats about all I have for you.
Well one thing of note and this is vary important.
If you want to follow my blog please have a public profile so I know what you are.
Its nice to like posts, but I had a profile blsandriea follow me on monday.
Wordpress settings are complex, for now I have stopped it notifying me spamily when people follow or like me, I was never able to kill the people but it will not spam me.
Just know if you cause trouble I am going to have to simply close down commenting.
My posts are not that interesting to be honest just a weekly summery for what I do mostly for friends overseas.
Saying that I am on a couple blogs so whatever.
If I can survive this week and my eyes are not going to be something that will majorly suck and that I can fix with a gadget or something that would be nice.
Maybe I will review the gadget.
If I need my eyes out to get them replaced with a gadget and don’t need eyes because of that gadget then I will review it.
May push me to use a new phone I doubt whatever gadget I will get will work with my old crappy symbian phone.
I wander if I can get 3d printed eyes yet that would rock.

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The next chapter

Hi all.
Lots on my plate, almost couldn’t be fucked to write anything, then I saw the state of the blog and well, there is a lot to do.
Firstly the itunes issue was fixed by nvaccess 3 days after there was an issue with it.
Aparently apple switched to the universal interface without telling anyone that needed to know.
The module used just didn’t work anymore and now does though it was a bit of a critical issue for a while.
More and more updates, hp windows class driver, intel driver updates, graphics updates.
And for some reason intel updater detects a nonexistant thunderbolt port in my aunt’s box.
At first I thought I’d just install the software and it would fuck right off but it still keeps detecting the controler even though it doesn’t exist.
I don’t have a physical port on the unit.
Next realtech have another new sound driver.
This one has slightly better sound again its almost as good but not quite as good as the toshiba with the unlocked card, not as good but almost.
On saturday the entire family went to celebrate ryan’s birthday at an tye eatery we know of, a lot of hot food, nice and spicy just like I like it.
Chicken, tofu, squid, and noodles.
I also had a nice cider that was good.
And that ladies and gentelman should have been the blog.
I should have said I will be fucking right off and you won’t see me for the next 2 weeks, in fact the only thing is the next windows update, maybe the mention the bathroom is finnished with for now but will restart at some point.
But its not.
A lot of unwelcome stuff has appeared.
Firstly my 6 year old jandles which have been used to death have died.
I have found a place to buy them, will get them soon probably this or next week.
Hope to do the camera thing from uncle john this week to.
Need a haircut, kept saying that for ages.
Well next is my eyes, they are sore and have been sore all winter but to be honest, I thought they were elergies and I just put up with it.
But they are not getting better, so I need to see to them.
3 weeks before I go on a trip to.
Lets hope I don’t have to have them out, life is not worth living if I can’t see light so if they go, I will have to go to.

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Another list of stuff

Well another list of stuff,.
Lets work in reverse for a change.
Today, and yesterday, apple has new itunes, the main window and a few other things just are not readable.
I have loaded itunes business on all the systems now and thats an older version, so it works but still had to report things.
Updates to dropbox, windows, codec guide, the usual stuff.
Next ios looks good and will come next week.
SO I guess we can put wednesday in the mix to, I did shopping that day and the walk on tuesday.
Monday didn’t have anything of substance.
Lets pull back to last friday because we can.
Friends of dads came round to dinner.
Jono came round on saturday, and my brother with his new girlfriend.
Sunday was walking.
Bathroom continues, the shower has been installed, will be finnished tuesday.
Things to do.
Technically I have the rest of toomhunter but its a bit blaa right now.
Eurofly, but again, I can’t be bothered right now the single craft tasks are really a bugger.
I am thinking of getting the 7128 stuff for pc which is free and playing that.
But then I am not sure.
Its friday, and well its when I do something else.
So plan is to train.
After training, not sure.
Job wize I had to pull out of a couple opertunities that I had said yes to in the past.
The first one had a lot of stuff I was not comfortable doing.
The next one used skype, skype 8x sucks, I don’t use skype.
I also have lost interest after 5 years waiting for something to happen.
Mum and dad are away till tomorrow seeing friends.
Ryan is skiing down south.
I’m here sitting on my ass.

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Another week

Hi all.
Well more than a week, there hasn’t been much going on, still I really need to update this so.
Jono was good, got a lot of stuff, had fun.
Watched mission impossible which was good and crazy rich asians which is also good.
Today is father’s day so we go out to breakfast, then I may walk, watch tv.
Bathroom is going on again.
More updates for windows, and dropbox as well as realtech drivers.
The stupid thing loaded the wrong ones so I needed sightling help to role back tried again and it worked.
As usual, either this or next week is updates, not much else to say.

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An adendum

Forgot to say I subscribed to a new accessibility group at
Its good, subscribed and signed up to 1 of 3 companies that could take tests, wrote to other 2 companies to apply to get on their teams.
And thats it.

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an updated week

Hi all.
Well a few things to do.
Firstly its update week, dropbox, acrobat, flash and windows, all with updates, followed by office.
I went to an emma pask concert yesterday, quite good if you like jazz.
Sorted out, screwed and resorted the required going away stuff, however due to their online website being a pain had to do it with the phone.
Going to jono tomorrow, and thats it.
The only other thing to report is I cleared 20 gb out of my bt sync archives and then cleared some backups.
Got the new thunderdogs album from maxo for 4 bucks, its an ok album, not sharing it with jono though.
The music is fine but just about every track announces what it is and this takes away from things.
Not much else on, may try to see mission impossible later on and there is the coyboys in october a couple days before I go away.

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