An adendum

Forgot to say I subscribed to a new accessibility group at
Its good, subscribed and signed up to 1 of 3 companies that could take tests, wrote to other 2 companies to apply to get on their teams.
And thats it.

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an updated week

Hi all.
Well a few things to do.
Firstly its update week, dropbox, acrobat, flash and windows, all with updates, followed by office.
I went to an emma pask concert yesterday, quite good if you like jazz.
Sorted out, screwed and resorted the required going away stuff, however due to their online website being a pain had to do it with the phone.
Going to jono tomorrow, and thats it.
The only other thing to report is I cleared 20 gb out of my bt sync archives and then cleared some backups.
Got the new thunderdogs album from maxo for 4 bucks, its an ok album, not sharing it with jono though.
The music is fine but just about every track announces what it is and this takes away from things.
Not much else on, may try to see mission impossible later on and there is the coyboys in october a couple days before I go away.

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A blank week

Due to me being an utter stupid fucker, I messed up the update times, which means everything is next week, so I have a free week end which would be nice except I have no idea how to fill the thing.
This week has so far included me sending credit card statements to the network printers.
and trying to complete more eurofly tasks, now stuck with come cat1 private tasks, and seriously having them do my head in, maybe I will switch to the christmas pack again and try to do more of the short crappy flights in it.
Ofcause doctor who stuff is about for me to finnish with to.
Toomhunter demo is out, interesting but I can never finnish it at all.
Toom1 is ok, and I managed to get past .5 of toom2 level1 or was it 2 I can never remember.
On the cameras situation, did some support work and have a grasp of the situation though its a bit of a mamith task to handle, more than the extender and the router, to many steps even for me.
I think I can do it previded things just work.
I can’t find support or firmware for one of the cams oh well.
Not much in the update realm to report, the only thing computer wize was resilio sync.
Aparently the tracker sometimes breaks and I have to do a control f5 to refresh it.
The point is, chipmusic ultrabit is syncing, the resilio is closing.
The only other thing I did is preorder the 21 pilots new album trench for october this year.
The other thing is I have just been notified about the next windows 10 annoyance due out october, what am I going to do about that junk, for the hp cloud box.
No idea, I hope I can just load the entire thingy over the drive.
Failing that I am going to,
1. reinstall windows from the recovery.
2. using hp recovery bonk recovery partition.
3. or find a way to clean the entire drive entirely, I may need a pe for that.
I really hope I don’t but to be honest its getting to the point where I may just try it and see if I can just do that.
With my new system, my plan is going to just make a recovery, bonk the partition, then reformat before I get to involved.
Then again, I have managed on my aunt’s system without the recovery and having it in a non hp state so maybe it works.
Then again, if I could get the recovery made I will save an hour especially if I can get the techs to bonk recovery for me.

The next thing on the list is getting all that sort of stuff set with government for traveling.
I seriously wander if I can try to do that right now.
I may try and see.

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Another generated bit of flotsum

Hi all.
Well I ran out of titles this week.
So back to last week, it was sunny and with a bit of rain, I sat on the rocks while the ashes were dumped then we walked a bit then came home, had some tea and cake and went to dinner where I had some nice if a bit rich cake, good pasta and sort of ok soup.
Others said it was really good soup, but soup no matter what it is especially if it is vege soup is just fucking soup for fuck sake!
Sunday, I can’t remember, it must have not been oh wait.
We went to an expensive cafe that while the food was good you didn’t get fucking much of that, so sunday sucked.
Ok now to the good and bad news of this week.
I have started using cute pdf so I can direct print documents or rather get documents ready to send to aunt’s net printer.
This worked.
However I must have done something stupid which I can’d fathum because now resilio sync will not close.
I was able to find a folder which I no longer wanted which was just not syncing and make it fuck right off.
However while it has stopped sync being an utter terd freezing and being blaa, sync will not close if I try to close it and will take some time to load to.
So eventually I get errors it can’t and have to make it die in task manager.
To even achieve this I had to change the services configurator to not try to restart it which it was trying to do every time there was an error.
Not much else to report.
Things in the pipeline.
One of my windows is still broken, the catch that is, not the window.
So no blinds one side, blaa, its getting fixed though.
Now to the bathroom, more work on getting the bigger drier into the hole, things needed shifting, and now things just fit.
Thats fine, trouble is, if we ever need to take something out its going to be quite hard to even do that.
Still looking at a potential new system.
The 2 systems I have seen are both hp, both of them has risen 5 processers,
One of them has 8gb ram the other has double that.
One of them has 128gb ssd storage the other has twice that.
Both have a 1tb hdd, a usb2 and 2 3.1 ports.
One of them has wireless ac and a smart card, one of them doesn’t and has a dvd writer.
And one of them is 1400 and the other is 1500.
I would like the ram and ssd space but I don’t right now need wireless ac though it would be nice, I certainly don’t use a smart card at all.
On that note, I can probably buy an external slimeline dvd and or a smart card reader.
Both have windows home so I will need to get that.
If I went with the 1400 laptop, then I’d have to spend 40 bucks on an external dvd writer so I would still be saving 50 bucks.
The only difference bar screen size is that one of them is an x360 the other isn’t.
I have no need for usb c ports right now and I doubt I will be changing my technology soon.
I do get 3.1 as supposed to 3.0 in 2 ports so I get 5gb transfer speeds.
At least its good to know you can get something like that.
If I was going cheaper, for 600 bucks, an amd a9 with almost the same config would be what I went for but if I got that I may as well get an older 7th, or 6th duel core intel.
And if I got anything below 7th gen, The first thing I’d probably be doing would be to load windows 7 on the system because I have a copy of win7.
Technically due to hacking into systems not being a problem I could just go right back to xp, but so many things don’t work anymore with it, including java, firefox/waterfox, chrome, codec guide codecs, nvda, a raft of other software packages that its not really a thing I can just do.
I am however really thinking of switching to xp on a system for gaming and playing media without restrictions.
Then again I can’t be bothered.
The xp machine I have is old, the dvd and fan are broken, and the hdd is a 128gb hdd which is waaaaay beyond what I use now.
Pluss, I don’t think I could go back to 512mb ram on a 2.4ghz single core ever again!
I do have my core2 duo I guess, but again so much doesn’t work with it anymore.
I however am seriously thinking of getting into vms if things will support things.
But thats for later.
This weekend I am due to do some more network work for my uncle, some cameras are giving him greef.
There is more to this but as usual you don’t need to know.
The wireless extender seems to be working though.
Not much else to say, see you next week.

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Ash dumping

Hi and welcome to another post.
This week has started with me getting sick yet again.
Its not as bad as last time so I continue to soldier on unlike last time where I just didn’t do much though I didn’t do all my walks.
Computer wize, more updates, ccleaner decided to not honor my settings maybe there are more buttons to click, after trying several other programs I decided to go back to ccleaner and have a portable, this means I can bypass the inaccessible interface and just run it directly using the ini file.
The only things I need to change are the system settings to run it out of recycle bin else its fine.
A few windows updates, whats new?
And some serveys and other paperwork I was able to finnish here oh and I finnished last weeks paperwork of course.
So this week, the only huge thing I actually did this week was on wednesday I went out with dad in his sports car in the cold winter air, with a jacket, hoody and hat, went out and had good fish and chip lunch at a country cafe called dome velly, and then I went to look at one of his friend’s places and talk about cars and drink and eat some more.
After which not much.
Now to today’s events and the title of this posting.
No its not my grandpa’s funeral but his ash dumping seremony because we never managed to dump things before.
Others may have a nice better way to handle it, but for me, you stand in the cold with your coat, hoping it doesn’t fucking rain because of still being a bit sick and dump ashes in a place, then fuck off!
There is no point thinking about the dead guy he can’t hear you, so you go to this place, dump his ashes and then go and have dinner which is about the only highlight of the entire fucking thing!
If thats the case you could dump the ashes in a plastic bag, dump it in the bin and be done with it, this is basically the same thing the only reason its even a ceremony is you take all your family, and try to make something out of it.
To be honest when I die, I want my ashes to be handled immediately, if anyone decides to have an ash dumping, I just wouldn’t care for it.
Its not even official, you just turn up and do it.
Not much else will happen this week.
Its going to be the month of august soon and this means updates, bills, try to get jono as long as not sick and he is not sick either and then who knows.
There are more family issues which no one actually needs to know and thats pritty much it.
What a blaa post for a mostly blaa week bar wednesday.

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An update

Hi all.
Well, another week, another blog post where I try to justify my continued existance.
So this week in order, not much, at least not much externally.
Internally family and friends with eye issues, under repair, not blogging that shit out here.
Same with bathrooms, troubleshooting right now same with other drama.
Computer wize, clearing space because someone decided to release 30 gb of chiptunes to my resilio share.
If it gets much bigger I may have to either stop chipsync or change my directory and drive over.
I have noticed the age of my cpu though.
Start more than 2-3 programs I need and run at the same time and it screws.
I rarely do it but even so.
More updates to aunt’s bios, more updates to java, more updates, paperwork to do today at aunt’s house.
Trying to get jono on the weekend.
Lunch at link yesterday and a coffee, still like the tempura bento japanese in link, it still costs 15 bucks, its fucking expensive but its pritty much the only place I can eat it here.
Lets face it, beans, onion rings, veges like cumera and pumpkin at times, the prorns scallops and muscles in batter, samon and squid sushi, the vegetaerian dumplings, the sushi and salad and its 15 bucks and I am full, its probably the only thing that would get me interested in that noisy dirty place, the food is just that good.
Not much else as usual, I just thought I better put in my 2 weeks posting while I had time to do it.

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Sick week

Hi all.
Well not much has happened since the last blog posting, most of the family have got sick with colds and headakes.
The work on the bathrooms continues, its all I want to say about all this.
Computer wize, I updated aunt’s hp today, there will be an update this week being it is update week.
For the first time in ages I didn’t train today because I suddenly didn’t have the energy to do it, I have been trying to be active during the week because of well people being around the place making noise.
On friday I had a nice lunch, fish and chips, sallad and sliders, which are small bread roles, not sure about tomorrow, weather is supposed to be bad.
The good thing is that I am just about well enough to get out and do things.
The next things that will be happening.
Well the only thing on the cards is to get my hair cut because I need it but the local hairdresser is busy so I will have to go somewhere else and get it.
The next thing after it needs to be done within 2 months and I may even leave it till later, on, who knows.
I need to login and inform the government that I am leaving the country for my holidays well technically I don’t but if I don’t they will stop my bennifit and I can’t have that.
Then again, it probably doesn’t matter.
My plan is to wait till next month just in case something crashes out for some reason.
But who knows.
Maybe if I do it at the end of the month who knows.
I just hope the system doesn’t crash again.
Anyway, little else to say, short posting I know.
Tomorrow I will try to get out either walking or to lunch some how anyway.
Being sunday, and having only just sort of recovered who knows what will happen.
Laters just now.

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