end of week things

Lets hope I start posting on a more regular basis.
So end of week things, got to aunt’s set up her printer, phone, etc.
Checked one of her accounts for insurance.
I won’t go into the details but, bouncing messages, causing non payment of money, which are then fixed, and followed by ai controled automatic error generated loop messages are fun.
The data is there, but the computers still play catch up.
That has been saturday.
Tomorrow I walk early then unsure what to do.
Listened to the final of h2g2 bloody good series, worth every bit of the 32 bucks.
I spent cash on a bed, round 1850 bucks.
Got a good deal, the thing is a new sprung king koil matress, back support and all of that shit.
basically 3500 bucks, with upgrades of drawers costing 250 bucks and a 100 dollar pillo with 65 bucks to get it set up.
The guy at the place I went to was happy to chuck deals all over.
Firstly the 3500 bucks became about 1700, with 45 bucks for the pillo and 100 bucks for the drawers and the rest is freely thrown in.
So yeah, just payed for this.
Comes in the next 2 weeks.
If I don’t get to this next week is muther’s day.
On saturday of that week we will be going out for tie food somewhere probably , probably I will have a pine apple or penang curry.
Sorry @freakyfwoof I like pineapple not on pizza but otherwise I like it by itself!!
On actual muther’s day we are supposed to have some family gathering of sorts as one of my cousins hin china has just had her second child and some of the family go to see them.
Other things planned.
Well next week is the update week as usual.
I have a dentist appointment for standard checkup and I plan to get jono round.
Next month is my birthday and other things may happen.
For now I will leave and do something else.
See yous later.

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more drama

Hi all.
Well things continue to continue.
As usual its been a few weeks since last update.
This week’s focus has been on installing windows 10 1803 which finally came as did my h2g2 disk, no notification but it came anyway.
Dad’s system went fine, aunt’s system complained about unable to access the system drive or something.
After clearing a lot of drives bar the hp bios partition and the big 14gb recovery I ended up reloading the largely cloud based system over 6 hours and its basically up now.
I finnished all my podcasts.
I also had a nice lunch in berkinhead.
In fact I went japanese and things and it was nice.
The news continues to suck with my brother sick with suspected menengitis which means he needs to be watched.
Little else is going on.
This weekend I need to finnish aunt’s computer off.
I have also had dizzy spells but am over that now.
However it appears my bed matress which has been semi shot for ages is totally shot now.
With it adjusted, I no longer feel like I am on an angle unless it is that you don’t like falling down a steep hill backwards.
At least I can sleep more than 3-4 hours a night now.
No plans as usual.
What I really above all else need is a break, an actual week or 2 where something is not in my way.
Or doesn’t need fixing.
I was going to help uncle al with his boxes but now I suddenly have no stomach for it.
I will wait for the end of the year and process it all then.
laters for now.

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another good day at least I hope

Well, today is a good day.
Yesterday eventually ended up as good but not by much.
After all my bluster about my profile it does appear windows was telling the truth, it had flagged my profile as corrupt, I doubt it was but maybe it was I am uncertain.
Still not certain why it happened and how to stop it in the future.
But I transfered my settings over, bt synk needed me to relocate folders, and I needed to reinstall dropbox, setup adobe reader and reset all associations like music, text files and document files.
The system started slowly again.
My plan is to run the system once a day on start, if it loads use it till I don’t need it or I go out for a period.
Then turn it off.
Ofcause if I am sure I don’t need it I can kill it.
There will no longer be turning it on for 5 minutes or in fact turning it off while I go for a meal though.
The system was full of junk and I cleared that so maybe that was it.
Today I go to berkinhead to a place called the next door gallery for lunch with my parents and do shopping.
Still waiting for the new h2g2 release I ordered from booktopia last month.
Its supposed to have been published today, oh well, if its not processing by the end of the month I will mail them and ask.
Its a uk book from australia sidney in fact, and I do really hope that things work out.
Computerwize today, I need to backup up a music folder, and check a few settings but thats about it.
I decided to take the podcasts in my cue off the hdd and listen to them on my daisy player.
There are several reasons.
The first one is I need to get that part of the cue done.
The obvious one is if it dies I won’t ever be able to catch up and I really need to get it done.
I also backed up my ahc data to dropbox.
Should I loose this box early I won’t loose my hard fought over game.

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Weekly update catchup complete

Hi all.
Well this is a small tidy up post with a rant in it.
Firstly after ages of saying I will!!!! a lot I actually did the calls.
Sonnar is going well, pc market is no go mainly because of distribution unless steam or some sort of account system is used and while there is a lot of cash being made in the portable devices market, well as someone online in audiogames says you can’t make a living of blind games.
They have branched out into other projects, for organisations and such.
Auckland uni don’t need me this term, I just asked and they said they didn’t need me.
The issue with the computer seems solved.
Saying that its not likely I need to copy cds much and now I won’t even try to do cd 2 cd, it just means I need to extract, copy, paste, and do it track by track but its faster.
Sadly internet explorer crashed.
This caused over a couple weeks windows to suddenly not read my windows profile.
A restart always seemed to fix it and things seemed fine.
On sunday after the cd issue and me realising I just couldn’t windows couldn’t read my profile at all, putting me in a non working account with no speech or anything.
After a system restore this seemed to get it out of that mode and things worked.
However yesterday first start, it happened again.
I ran a malware scan, which showed that I had nothing running but all the blind games were malware and msse who is fast becoming my worst enemy decided to flag a lot of things as bad again well 1 extra thing.
To fix it, restart then exclude all the folders I think will cause issue.
MOre folders to add to the list.
Reinstall the programs again to make them work, clear history, then turn off uac because that gets turned on.
I decided however to poke my users folder, and found a temp folder with nothing in it.
Poking round found people having the same issue I did.
The solution was to create another user account, clear the profile and temp folder, and well transfer things over.
I have seen a lot of corrupt profiles in my time but mine wasn’t exactly corrupt it still could be but anyway who knows.
I just killed the temp folder.
It was clear windows had tried to kill it at some point.
Probably after the first error crash.
But it hadn’t done so.
As a result, the error may have been handled but as far as my account was concerned, it had to load a temp folder on top of its own profile to work properly.
Sometimes this got in the way.
If you do just kill the temp folder which is what I have done and you have a corrupt profile, it won’t help you at all.
But windows is windows.
If you have an error, and even if it fixes it self because you have had an error left overs are left.
Simply the act of a left over in your user folder will make you have issues.
I had the same issue with adobe digital additions.
The stupid cunt decided to dump a file with the same name as my user profile in the users root folder.
This not only caused me to get my user profile not loading, nothing I typed to even load anything worked till I found the file and deleted it.
But maybe that was a bug as its not happened again with the latest version.
Then again I only keep that on there to convert some protected books which I can then convert with codex and other things into forms I and my friends can read.
This is a post to say I am caught up.


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this weeks doings and part catchup

Hi all.
This week will befocusing on backlogs fof audio that is in my cue I know I have been gaming a lot and this is fine however of late windows seems to want to forget my user profiles every so often.
Every day I power off, there is a random chance the user profile will not load.
A full malware scan doesn’t help because so many of my games are detected as viruses its useless, the only good thing is there are no malware anything running at startup or in registry which at least is a comfort.
At any rate, there is a further chance that when the issue happens windows will be fine next restart.
But yesterday windows kept forgetting to load the profile and I needed to restore with sighted help.
I have been putting off catchups on audio in my cue of late.
And I do wander if at least I should listen to some of the radio stuff if not the rest of the cued stuff before I get more, weather this happens is unknown
However Ican’t keep this up long term with my system not loading the profile.
Ofcause if I try to make the system do it by rebooting 5 times in a row it won’t do it.
But its about.
A suggestion is to make another account but to be honest, If I do that, I will have to copy everything over, and rebuild my sync database I will also have to reimport my dropbox accounts andreinstall some user apps.
And at any rate if it continues to happen I am going to have more issues.
Lets hope it doesn’t happen.
In the default mode while I have sound I can’t get speech or anything.
So if it keeps happening I will probably have to reformat.
My cued audio isn’t anything I will bee keeping but even so, its still stuff I want to listen to.
The party with friends was really cool on saturday night, we ate far to much trifle and pav lova and I wasn’t to well at night but still.
I was tired yesterday and had a head ake.
Today I don’t have a head ake but am still tired.
If things actually fucking work as they need to maybe I can get back to life maybe.
Still havn’t contacted people about work related jobs.

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update on the update

Well, not as exciting as I thought.
Firstly due to his retirement and such several people from 2 recording groups made 2 tribute albums on eltern john and since I am a sucker for remixes I decided to buy them.
The bad news, no digital downloads, also jb hifi was the only store that was in new zealand producing the disks.
The ordering system was a real bitch to make sure both were added.
On the pluss side they come today.or tomorrow.
I ordered them at 4.30 and they were shipped at 5.30.
Since the only stores locally are albany or well like 1 hour from my house this should be really cool getting those soon anyway.
My only gripe is while they were 20 bucks each for slightly different track listings I would have liked to pay the 40 bucks I payed for those to get both in a double cd set.
Oh well, what ever I think I earned all that after the work I was doing.
Its interesting that its only a 1.50 dollar shipment fee and 3 bucks for gst on mighty ape its 3.50 bucks no matter what.
The albums were 20 bucks each, so in us digital they would have cost me 9 bucks which is good enough.
The i3 came back today, maybe something is on its way out.
I managed to confirm the databackup today and also backed up the bookmarks on google.
Set up ryan’s vdsl router today with the propper userids and password he wanted for his wireless network, I also was able to help aunt with the installing of the new phone systems which arrived before the storm.
And yes there was and is currently going on a storm or the ends of it.
While we are fine a lot of dammage, trees down, roofs broken houses destroyed and still a bunch of power is off.
In fact so many faults with the lines it caused part of the power company’s computers to crash.
The only thing I noticed was the degridation of my mobile network.
Speaking of which on 3g now, the network on my phone if fully charged lasts about the same as my 2g, between 3-4 days as long as I don’t travel round at low levels for to long otherwise its 1-2 days.
we have janis and family round at ryan’s tomorrow for dinner and that means that I must remember that apart from breakfast I need to watch out what I eat because they like to previde enough food to feed every third world country and then some.
I swear every time we go away its like we have a 5 star hotel traveling with us.
Anyway win10 1803 is schedualed because of issues so for now the update is stopped and thats about it.
I will update you later.

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A round of bad luck

Wow, keep forgetting to blog and its almost huge windows 10 1803 update time as of wednesday.
So in no particular order, we have all the things that have happened in my life.
Firstly ryan.
The god damn fucking fucknut of a first gen i5 530 intel i3 fucking unit is blown something again!
At first I thought it was the psu but I managed to get it half active and the hard drive made a racket, its not worth repair but ryan is getting spark vdsl.
Speaking of ryan he has a table donated to him, and we had the house warming last week.
Its strange not to have him round in the house but its certainly easier to handle various things.
Waking up without waiting or doing extra stuff, training mostly on time and such.
Trouble is I am as busy as ever.
Still have more things books, computers and loads and loads of other things including this blog on my plate including the win10 1803 update.
Speaking of computers, I am never rebuilding the 4th gen workstation for as long as I live if at all possible.
Firstly, I got the system to build but I must have screwed up something really horrible as the data drive was unassigned, I assume I hit the refresh button during setup but who knows.
I can live with that small mistake I didn’t know.
However I learned quickly that keeping the system connected to the net had the inteligent os try to go ahead of itself and get me stuck during account creation forcing me to reboot in the middle of setup.
This would have been ok but it put the system in a fucking update loop in which nothing would install till I reformat the fucker anyways.
At which point I went into the next drama.
Granted no one not even me has ever seen the need to actually look at the itunes backup library for all the music.
I mean if you kill something you kill the data and if it leaves some empty entries so be it.
However maybe that was a bit stupidish because on rebuild itunes displayed the library in a totally fucked up manner with half the tracks missing and even after a repair it was still screwed.
After searching the net to find and use complex cleanup scripts that could basically hose the entire file structure a hacker on one of the forums somewhere suggested a better idea.
Simply put you backup the library, kill all the previous library directories, copy the main intl file, open it in itunes, import all the music folders, and podcasts, and extras into your library and rebuild it, saying that it took him 1 hour with 21000 tracks.
I had 3500 tracks and it didn’t take to long at all.
I got the system working up till outlook level and hit another snag of sorts.
I cloud has threatened to kill off mail accounts to outlook and other platforms bar pc and since its just worked I have assumed that it just wouldn’t effect me, well it did that is the mail part, wouldn’t proceed.
I also found out how to relocate documents folders and the like such that not only are all things stored on them actually stored in the data drive but that all of them by default rout there.
This means in plain english that every program will see the data drive as its location and not the os drive.
Sadly I had to stick the 4gb outlook database on the main drive because there was a minute or so delay on the datadrive all the time and it just got stuck, I assume it is because of size.
The next issue was visual installs, for the camera, and the power moniters and ups matrix unit, which ofcause I can’t use without sighted help.
Again I got help and it worked.
Up till then I had let windows find all my drivers which it seemed to do quite well.
There were a few old board drivers but they were fine.
I tried to load the main board cd drivers and cyberlink writing program.
While they did load, there was a visual error, on startup, probably saying that bits were not compatible with the lg drivers.
At any rate iteither caused the cd driver to become corrupted or unloaded I assume incompatibility.
The only way to fix it was to put the system in a boot loop by deleting part of the registry or one of the devices on purpose, what a fucking mess!
Also to note, I seem not to have full access to registry or system restore in that state.
I have no idea if registry or system restore are fixed now but as I don’t need them just now and as I was able to get into recovery console and run reset or restore there was no issue.
Still have no fix for that issue.
Eventually after working on the system till 2 am in the morning I just decided that enough was enough and left the mutherboard drivers, and one of the photo software packages that were old out of the box and marked their disks for destruction, they are not needed and I will have to do without those modules.
On the pluss side unlike windows7 it appears bar 2 modules which I may or may not actually need maybe only needing the chipset one, the windows seems to be able to find all the older drivers itself and get them itself.
After using 3 days on the box I finally got it up but it would be several days to get the outlook to work how I liked it.
The final issue was the photo database, I had to compile the database again, and it took hours and hours, eventually I got it working.
Eventually I also just ran the system first off without the net working then plugged it in.
On the up side all that drama payed off, windows activated from digital licence as it was supposed to.
Office which was in doubt activated as it was supposed to.
The mapping software that is used was reset and activated like it was supposed to and the user was happy with me, and gave me a box of minni warheads then proceeded to eat a lot of them which is fine, those are powerfull things to eat.
I managed to go to jono and well party with duck curry and a few other things.
For the first time I didn’t buy anything at all.
The only other issue I had was the replacement of aunt’s phone units because they died.
After trying to replace some older sets I sourced at great time cost on the phone some units from spark on order as of sunday night should be here tomorrow or wednesday or thursday who knows.
As usual printing of various things, checking various things, etc.
On a more personal note, I signed up for ablegamers player pannels which I got from a guy that just seems to pick up random stuff off the net that could be interesting for testing.
He only sends out when something appears.
I don’t search this stuff so he either looks constantly or he has search botnets that pull this info for him.
Anyway I got a hit on friday and applied for the work on time and am waiting for it.
Things I need to do.
Contact auckland university and figure out exactly when the next project is.
Contact sonnar interactive and figure out exactly whats going on as usual.
I have work on 1803 to do.
I just hope hp doesn’t release drivers at stupid times and not tell me again, because it ended up with things being really bad, I just hope that isn’t the case.
Long term things.
Work on the house will begin some time soon, replacing windows, fixing bathroom tiles and such, messy stuff like that.
There is that holiday in october to look forward to as well.
Oh the chairs came and were moved and things are fine there.
As usual thats the end of the rant or basically what I am doing.
At least I have something to say even though most of it is me getting annoyed at technology, at least I have something more to say rather than a paragraph saying I am still alive.

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