The end of week posting

Hi all.
Well here is the week in brief from wednesday afternoon.
Went shopping with mum and had lunch.
Thursday, went coffeeing with dad which was nice then a walk with mum.
Friday, saw a friend with mum, went shopping and had lunch.
Today, went to aunt and installed the standard windows data dumps, had pizza for lunch, got the new albums by imagine dragons and dean lewis.
Then spent the last hour converting the new imagine dragons album from the high 320kbps weird encodings which caused explorer and other things to be really dumb, slow and format worthy to a shitty 128kbps which is probably a bit low 44100 kbps based on 16 bit pcm wav which works.
I could I guess go to 192, but I don’t really give a fuck, the files seem to play nicely, and if I need to recode later I can do so, my main need was to get access to the music I brought or kill it because it was making my windows suck.
On that note, this is the only time I have had this issue, just about everything else seems to play nice so it must all come in 192kbps or has a neutral encode because nothing else sucks like that including other digital music and some of that is probably highly encoded.
Need to sort clothes and dishes then shower, shit, and sack.
Tomorrow, shopping then lunch with uncle al.
Monday ring auckland uni and see what the fuck I am doing.
Laters guys.

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Updates list for this week

Hi all.
Yeah, I know this is a mid week post which will not have any substance what so ever like the other post.
Due to family going away there may or may not be another posting but here is this one anyway.
This is the updates list today.
Windows/office/adobe reader, and flash data dumps for the month.
A warning to all users, after trying in every possible way the amd adrenaline 19.5.1 series just does not want to install.
I think it gets up to the point of trying to load the new display drivers then windows just has a hissy fit and will not allow that to even do anything.
At which point, windows gets stuck in a boot loop, eventually deciding it won’t even try to start and entering recovery mode.
Once there I use my latest restore point to get back to something that works.
Currently 19.4.3 is what I am running.
The recommended driver for most users is 19.4.1, and the other one is optional.
I have reported a bug to amd, I like keeping updated but this is not going to be a big issue as long as it doesn’t go on for to long anyway.
Shopping for things due to sales in the weekend which will happen while parents are away.
Friday should be normal, weather has been a bother the last few days though I did manage the standard walk yesterday.
Laters just now

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mothers day

Hi all.
Well being that it was mothers day stuff happened worth posting which is why I am posting.
This will most likely not effect my weekly posting as such though who knows.
Got an update today from auckland uni, to say that they will let me know next week on scheduals.
My boss has been away for 3 weeks, and is now back.
He wants me to come but well next week I will know.
Its been stormy all day long.
Its been stormy yesterday to.
Went out yesterday to do shopping, and had japanese curry, and coffee and thats it for that day.
Saturday night, had ryan and sally round, home made cus cus salad, salmon on barbeque, and home made apple coconut crumble with vanilla icecream was eaten and enjoyed.
Thats the blog for today anyway.

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Another dump week

Hi all.
I am absolutely getting fucking sick to death of hp not notifying me about driver updates.
Today ms dumped a network and a wireless network driver onto me.
It all works, but hp had more updated wireless drivers which I loaded, weather that did much is unknown.
I also had a new firmware for my hdd with a new date which didn’t install because it was allready updated so oh well.
More codec updates, innosetup updates, a few random things.
Town was good, went to smith and cowies and had an expensive lunch.
Loads of eggplants, pies and things out of mastercheff.
Jono was good, had roast, got a few things, all gone including toxic waste and yeah liam they are that powerfull, my brother likes them, so does my dad.
For myself 1-2 a day is enough.
Tested more games, put an update request at auckland uni which hasn’t answered and thats it.
More codec updates, system updates for software on the system, and not much else.
Went out with dad on a car rally run trial yesterday afternoon.
Mum, has been down with the stomach flew so hasn’t eaten for ages and is currently no fun though se is coming back now.
Door instalation started but the builder injured himself so now we have old doors with cracks in the edges and no doors.
So Eventually those would get fixed but who knows.
Last week I went to some place called waitoki, had lunch in a small cafe then saw the green book which is a must see and I recommend it highly, loads of dialog, and it is funny.
Thats basically my news, the big windows update is next week.

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The weekly dump

Hi all.
Welcome to the weekly dump, a blog where I tell you what got dumped on me.
Last week was easter,
I brought and consumed expensive and nice tasting buns, got driver updates to amd and my soundcard which dumped itself onto my system today.
Of course microsoft did it and so I immediatly went to hp’s site to find the real one which will work with my hp and not the microsoft one which will probably screw up at some point.
I found the right driver, wrong date but right version and installed it.
Doing some more freelance beta testing of some games, not really putting a dint on my workload, its really not much work just a few minutes of the day really not much.
Over that, and klite updates, office updates and the like the following has happened in this order.
1. got my uncle al’s 2 slow computers updated, cleaned out and fixed.
Connor finally got me his computer and after cleaning it up, removing and updating and repairing it it actually worked, this included removing the avg tunup and avast viruses and fixing the resultant corrupted language and keyboard files, updating systems to 1809, and other things, getting drivers, and other things and all that sort of thing.
Walked today, had lunch at the new chinese place in the mall which was fine but decent enough that I know that its there.
Had roast for dinner, and not much else.
Tomorrow going to town for some family things.
Saturday has me having jono here yet again which would be nice as I haven’t had him over since last year.
I have set uncle al’s printer and set his network channel to.
Not much else has happened in this reguard.
Oh, installed and setup dad to use his secondary email account, spent an hour on it found out he not only didn’t want it but that he wasn’t sure he wanted anything, and after wasting 2 hours of time got rid of it.
Then loutlook decided to be a wanker and crash.
I then reinstalled office again, and reactivated it again.
This is the blog for this week.
See you laters.

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new dropbox rules

This is a coppy of a post I put on lists about dropbox, I will replicate it on my blog to.

From march this year, all basic accounts are limited to 3

What does that mean?

Nothing, except that dropbox remembers every device and session
ever made.

So you reformat your computer or change your account name, or
get another computer and don’t unlink first, your device becomes
a ghost device same with app programs, and brouser sessions.

1.  sign into dropbox.

The easiest way to do this is to login with your own client,
click the tray icon and launch dropbox.

Now near the top of the page is a menu called my account hit
space on that, scroll down to settings, hit shift space to exit
forms mode then hit enter.

Don’t move about else things will just not work right.

Now dropbox settings load.

hit control home for the top of the page then h.

2.  select security tab, in the same way, enter forms mode once
you scroll down to the list of tabs, and locate security.

get out of forms mode and hit enter.

Next control home again.

then hit t.

3.  The next thing to do is locate every session in the first
table which has an end session button it and hit the space bar
till they are all gone.

Next  locate the device tree which is directly below the brouser

The first device in the list is your device.

scroll to the end of that list.

Every device you have ever linked including every ghost device
linked in the past will exist, I had 6, my dad had 2.

Hit unlink button on all the devices bar the one that says its
been modified in the last hour.

Every other device will have a time when it was last valid.

Finally go through the steps of going to my account, then
settingss however next select the connected apps view.

Then disconnect every app you don’t use and service.

If you need to link devices take note of the devices you want to

A basic user can connect up to 3 devices.

Those can be a computer, a phone and one other device or 3

You can buy, but to be honest, if you get this warning and are
only using 1 device, then you probably have a lot of ghost

I’d also update your password at this time if you have forgotten
it if you havn’t allready.

I’d also check to see if you know what all the devices you have
are, if you find something you don’t know, then chances are
someone has hacked your account or you linked to a device
somewhere else.

In a way this while annoying is good in a way.

I had no idea dropbox kept all devices from all reformats and
all times I had changed dropbox.

I had 6 devices, 1 is my device I had.

The next one before that was my old win7 device which I may
relink later.

The rest were my win7 and xp devices and their reformats
including profile changes etc.

My apps were not needed ones and I clobbered them.

As for my brouser sessions including the current one there were
19 others which were still signed in from devices that were no
longer active.

In the case of my dad’s system, there were 2 devices, the
current one, and an older instance of the same device which
existed before it, its good to know that I was able to kill

Now I know about this, if I need to reformat my first thing
after I get back in is to kill the ghost devices that linger
inactive after the fact.

This actually is a good reason to check security on my account
if anything else.

Its worth noting that if you need more space and upgrade you
won’t have to bother with this though even if you do knowing
what I had, its worth looking at the site anyway.

I didn’t need all those 20 sessions logged in at once, nore did
I need the 6 devices 4 of which were ghosts of old linked
devices and one which is not on the network.

I guess knowing that I could link that one but even so I will be
carefull to check every linked system I service to make     sure
its all clear of stuff that shouldn’t be on it.

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