Happy new year ish

Hi all.
Well, christmas is over.
So christmas had me at aunt’s with the family, so basically I got clothes, and some food, a little chatting, eating, and random nothing went on.
Then the day after that, at my other aunt’s place on my dad’s side, where it was mostly a night of opinionated shit.
Basically they hate maori, in fact they just don’t care about a lot of things, maoris, media, anything that is not normal and boring.
Had to struggle not to loose it.
I don’t care about gangs and the like, but I wouldn’t go so far as to hate the treaty or anything.
Basically these people own the world or think they do and no wanker be he maori or in fact other people will get that from them.
There was so much wrong about the night I won’t even attempt to do much with that.
Basically it was a waste of time though one has to support my dad I guess.
Its a shame that there are people in this world that have little depth to them.
They are the kind of people that if the world went and nuked itself they would be the people worried about missing their favorite tv show or having the next bear.
It would be more annoying if they couldn’t watch tv than actually dieing.
Its a bit sad in a way but oh well.
Dad’s birthday was a blast with us going to a turkish place off the devenport wharf devenport is usually fully clogged with traffic and usually just screwed totally but it was good to go and have an expensive lunch.
Yesterday I went to a friend’s place, and had salmon on the barbeque and christmas cake.
Then I had uncle john for the night which was good.
Today at night I will be going to a chinese place for new year called emperas garden with ryan and his girlfriend sally for a little meatup.
I havn’t been there since I was a little lad.
There are a few things to go through before I get to the big things.
Firstly I need to renew my realme id, and next is my eye reevaluation on the 9th.
I may go to aunt’s place for lunch, then again, I keep being drawn back to the laptop idea.
I was holding out to get uncle johnn’s laptop and fix it but he’s not ready, I am seriously thinking about going for a new box.
I don’t need it but its been on my mind all this year especially because I almost got a bad deal.
Next year mum and such will be going away for a few weeks to europe again.
The first thing I need to do is check for the lab rat tests on the university research and see if there is anything needing to be done.
The windows will go in so expect some disruption.
Thats about it.
See you whenever.

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Christmas posting

Hi all.
Well this is probably the last post before christmas.
I havn’t written much because not much has happened.
So basically updates, lunch, went to eye doctor and found out my right eye is smaller and sore and got drops for it.
Was told I may loose eyes which sucks but then compaired to what I could have ended up in the scheme of things its neither here or there at least I don’t have brain issues, so yeah, I could have ended up sighted and retarded or worse but I am blind and otherwise normal I guess 99.9% of everything and no display is better than no cpu or ram sticks or any storage devices of any kind.
Had my audio inputs cleared, ears get dewaxed every year else they stop working and I need my audio ports to work.
Pritty sure about the new laptop.
Its going to be the db149.
Its described on review as a pritty dark screen with impressive intergrated graphics and shitty screen angle with only mid level gaming.
On the otherside its fine as a low cost workstation.
Since other gaming units cost double what it cost, and since workstations cost more than that, I will probably go for that.
Then for the external dvd a lg slim ns 50 or ns100.
Both cost the same price and one has a little more than the other so yeah.
Not much has been going on.
Still waiting for christmas packages
Christmas in the park sucked due to wind, I saw half of it but it just sucked music wize.
So yeah thats about it.
Christmas in a couple days.

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Here we go round the winamp bush

Hi all.
Welcome to another week of random things which seem to comprize my life at the moment.
Firstly I am the owner of a new brother mfcl2713dw mono laser multifunction printer.
Its nice, its loaded and ready to go and in use.
This week involved, lunch and such with mum, seeing friends, a few more windows and other updates, sound updates and the like.
fre-codecs released a gigantic realtech package with all the drivers in it but no manual to identify what all the ids and such mean so I have just loaded the last driver that works in the windows boxes that I know works for now.
Jono’s place was good, we had chicken nibbles, potatoes, brockily and almonds and icecream marshmellows strawberries and little mince pies.
The other thing of note is that after trying to play some modules in winamp I found a lot of my stuff didn’t play.
After doodling round I have fixed the issues with the use of chipamp which plays a lot of stuff, bassmod which although old plays a few more things and open mpt which is supposed to be better than basemod but doesn’t play everything.
I then redid and backed up the winamp configuration.
Tomorrow I will see christmas in the park, and as long as the weather doesn’t suck it will be a blast.
Update week next week, getting things ready to do uncle john’s computer and have another possible testing job for a new company on the cards.
I have also completed my christmas shopping, yaaay!!!
Laters just now

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A some what better week

Hi all.
Weather bar the last couple days has been really humid and hot.
I have walked, got my ears cleaned, done shopping for food, etc.
Bar a roleup for windows 7, dropbox and ccleaner updates not mutch of any note has gone on.
I see jono today.
Time to move on to next week.

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Another week again

Well there is another creative title that has no real substance.
This week.
Backups, shopping for a new printer because I want to get one for my dad for christmas, followed by rain and being sick.
Followed by me going to coffee and having chocolate with friends.
Then not much else.
The mall was good, got squid and chips, nice.
As usual it seems I find myself with just that little more junk to deal with.
Next week, yearly ear clearing.
And just before christmas, my eyes have decided to become annoyed by something, so maybe I will have to get them fixed, its probably another servicing thing but oh well.
Computer wize, I am seriously rethinking about my choices for laptop.
The amd risen5 unit looks fine for 1400 bucks but the graphics are intergrated, not sure if thats a good thing or not.
The other 2 options for me are a pro book 2000-2200 will get me duel drive storage units and while it is an intel 8th gen unit its still hp.
There are various gaming units and older hps with the same options.
On the other side, I seem to still be able to buy units with win7, a toshiba with a tb of ssd storage with win10 capability.
Now its 1800 and true its only 3 generations faster than my older unit, but it has the same configuration that this one has, a dvd, a smart card reader, the usbs I want.
The pro books are heavy but have more ports than I need.
Knocking against all that is the amd unit, which is amd all the way from graphics to cpu, meaning I can quit intel all together.
Its not a dedicated card but for the price it may be worth it.
My other option is to try to get a high quality 7700 or higher intel unit if they still exist.
I wish I had tried to get units last year because there are no more amd a10s or a12s.
The lowest is an a9 and to be honest if thats the case, I may as well get well who knows.
Today is shopping, and who knows.
Yesterday I got a lot of coffee, so I won’t have to go back to albany mall for a while.

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Another week

Unsure what to call this week.
So in order of appearance.
Firstly the weekend, parents away, sorted out some stuff for aunt computer, iphone, bits of insurance account, changed to a flexible broadband plan.
At home updated all systems as update week.
Tested a new synth, killed it, the system after cleaning at lunch locked up on next restart, reset my fucking clock and killed speech.
Speech came back on restart after that, cleaned up the config file, tried to get things to load, things didn’t work till I tried to use waterfox, and got a message about clock.
Fixed clock, redownloaded corrupted mp3 files I wanted to listen to in the first place, played those and did a bunch of reboots, things work again which is good.
Went to lunch with mum, did a bunch of shopping, on wednesday, not much else.
Did a lot of christmas shopping with aunt and cousin jamie yesternight.
Tomorrow will go to the mall for lunch.
Thats all.
The last thing, got called by winz.
Sadly the issue and all the issues leading up to the final issue were not addressed, they did recieve things about them but no indication of a fix.
As for the end result, it became burocratic quite quickly, I know there is a process, but its clear that they really don’t care about their customers its the law after all we have to report to them so why should they?
I just wish they did, if I didn’t have dad to help, I’d have to say what they wanted and whatever.
They said I had to be right the first time which is a good idea and which I will do in the future, however if I try to fix something and its broken it looks like it will be easier to simply ask to redo the entire entry this I do not mind much its just I wish they told us about it earlier.
And if you try to correct things things crash, sounds like the system is floored.
They seemed to want me to varify things in person which in itself while a problem is not a big issue as well as review everything payment wize.
They didn’t want to answer my questions though.
Eventually dad talked to them and managed to stop their silly process and they fixed it though I am unsure how he did it.
I suspect the system crashed again, this time my information was lost.
It would be fine, if they notified me but no.
Bar official coms they seem not to do much else.
This is a little disapointing.
I actually would prefur the call called social development ministory to be more social with its users, I know some cheat the system, but it would be good if well the communication was better at least.
I wouldn’t report to them by choice, I certainly will not trust them and what they say either and thats sad.
Worse, the poor bastards on the desk from the case workers to the opperators maybe higher up don’t have anything bar their guidelines and thats it.
Thats fine but if something screws, then what.
I am sure someone knows what is really going on, no they don’t seem to want to tell their own department.
So the following issues are unfixed.
1. the web issue.
I won’t follow this up because there is like no point anymore at least for now.
2. my phone issues, unknown because they don’t want to talk about the actual issues I had with the system.
3. the result, unknown because I don’t trust that its ever completely solved.
I mean it technically is but isn’t at the same time.
Recent articles suggest in stuff that they don’t reallygive a fuck about their users, and they will screw you over if they want if you push them to much.
I don’t really want their wrath I just want things solved in a reasonable timeframe and a satisfactory manner, my origional issues investigated and better communication.
In stead I have had to try to solve an issue that while the situation was my fault the final sequence generated was not my doing as I tried to fix it.
And in fact succeeded.
Instead of all these outcome I had to argue and get everything back to normal, not resolved but back to where it was before the issue was without trying to solve the issue.
The issue is unsolved and will continue to be for all time.
I have no wish to piss off the government things are normal.
I would try but to many articles about people trying, failing and getting screwed over.

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Back and finally 99.9% caught up with things

Hi all.
Welcome to a week of things.
Or should I say 3 weeks of things.
Lets start with the holiday then.
We all got off at 7 in the morning, thats mum, dad, karen, and myself in ryan’s car to the airport.
Got there round 8, where we found miso and had that.
Got through security.
As usual my belt beeps.
Not a problem because we have better scanners then australia more on that later.
Got on the plane.
And straight away decided to look to see what was on.
Due to a breakage in the entertainment system, not much worked in fact the system just didn’t want to accept things aparently so no one got entertainment at all that was any good.
Dinner was fucking amazing.
I had the barbequed beaf, some chese and crackers, a bun, a salad, and some capety icecream which is by the way quite expensive.
All of that was rather nice.
About 6 hours later, for light refreshments, I had basically a 6 inch sub with chese and bacon.
In the middle of that time, chips appeared and then cookies, the expensive macnut jobs.
We got to the place the airport I mean at round 1.30pm pirth time, the first of 3 timezones we would pass during the trip.
Pirth at that time was like auckland, and by that I mean fucking cold, not even hot, and well thats about all I’d care to say on that.
I mean I don’t come to a holiday to have it 19 and windy, I want it to be 40, and well eating prorns and salad from an ice bucket, but as I said as above more on that later.
We then got to the house.
At this point, I should mention that I have nothing against any race or religion usually.
I couldn’t care less usually if you are chinese, indian, maori, or anything same with religions as long as they don’t become a problem I don’t give a damn.
The house was run by indians.
And sadly lived up to at least some of the worst stereo types about them you can probably imagine.
It was clean enough, but taps were loose and dripping, the washer was noisy, and on first time smelt like it was on fire but was probably not used much.
The kitchen was full of spices, some left overs, sauces, rum, etc, a lot of it expired, most of it having being there for quite some time.
The citchen was cheap but functional, things were roughly done, but the beds were good and while the knobs on dressers were loose we got down to it.
The tv was ok but someone had tried to put an entertainment system which wasn’t much and was broken, and all the dvds were of bad quality and probably cracked black market deals.
Most of them were random shit but we still watched a few.
Anyway the reason or rather one of reasons we were in pirth at all was to see an old cousin of my grandpas who we had only seen in the country once and who we had lost touch with, in fact never met till a couple years back but oh well.
He appeared wanting to welcome us to what was now his country he having moved from china some years back.
With him he brought enough food to feed a small army.
2 boxes of fruit which included among other things, blue berries and strawberries, bananas, apples, oranges, avocados and some fucking huge mangos that tasted much better than our ones.
I later found out these cost between 2 and 5 bucks in australia but here in new zealand they cost 10 bucks each.
Said mangos were quite nice.
The package also included an assorted pack of arnots biscuits, timtams, and an entire army sized jar of coconut cookies.
He also got us 3 bottles of wine, a large army sized pack of noodles, and 4 army sized packs of dumplings.
Then after a little of talking with promises that he would have us out to the casino on wednesday he left.
Immediately we managed to find enough sauces and such that were eatable and set about delving through the dumplings.
It took us about 3 days to get through the noodles and dumplings.
It took us about a week to get through the biscuits.
And most of the holiday to get through the fruit, wine, and most everything else.

Pirth has been described to me as a pritty city, and for the most part it is.
We had trips to such things as freemantle which is their port and includes eateries like those found in the auckland viaduct.
Then we went to swan river, and a few other places, some of them local some of them not.
This included calimunda which was an old village which is mostly still up and running with people, services and such.
There are a few old buildings but most of it is still online.
All the old villages here in new zealand or at least the ones I have been to are basically not used really.
Pirth has a lot of historical things, australia itself was involved with world war 1 as were we, all the anzac things, The first part of that actually is australia, and new zealand, we worked together and a lot of us died in battle.
A lot of memorials, lots of history, museums, and art things.
Of course being blind, most of the museums and art things just are inaccessible and boring.
I can only take an hour or 2 in each my dad is really into this sort of thing.
The only 2 things that stand out about australia from new zealand bar the weather that is are.
1. apartment stores and 2, malls.
In australia there are mires, and davey jones, and I think h&m stores.
We only have 1 smith and cowies which is in town and which even if we could get there which we hardly do has stuff that cost a bundle so we only do it once a year.
According to my friend karen, a mall or malls in general are streets of shops and aparently exsisted in england or is it lundon, oh well, point is there are closed off streets with shops, cafes and other places which are called malls.
A mall to us kiwis pronounced morl as in m then all not maaalll or however it is is a shopping building with shops, sealed from the weather where you do your business, eat then fuck off.
You can always park your car there, and its never to hot or cold.
So a mall in australia to me is just a street full of random stores and places which I can’t relate at all.
The last thing I’d like to mention about this part of the trip at least the part of eating is that we had a pub close to our house and enjoyed a pizza and a 300 gram stake on the 2 nights we had to basically eat out on our own.
There were specials for each day of the week and the food was fine.
You could rock up in your shorts and shirt even in the heat and no one gave a damn, you payed up, and got good food and drink.

As I said before we got invited out to the casino.
All casinos in australia are chained just like the department stores.
So we rocked up to the local crown, just about every city has one or one under construction.
We then went to a buffet style place with just about everything you could think that is nice, the tables were always full and we ate and drank till we were fuller than haystacks.
During this time we found out things like our cussin was a hard working man making of all things air conditioning ducting.
And since it is the asion way not just chinese way to pay for your guests he payed for everything.
This is a bit forign to us kiwis as we like to be fair and split things equally however to the chinese and even our indonesion family its not polite to ask for others to pay your bill, even if you can’t really afford it manners do come first even if you must borrow and get in debt, it would be dishonerable to do otherwise.
Food is a major part of the asion style of culture, you welcome people with it to your home and country also.
So it was no surprise that that saturday night we all got invited to our cussins house where he cooked us fish, pork, pakchoy, and fruit, mooncake and other such things, and lots and lots of chinese tea.
Before I go on with the story there is a seremony on poring tea, you never fill a small cup of it more than half.
You always throw out the first lot of any new brew, to clean the leaves, and you never just use it one time and chuck it.
You also use 2 tea pots one one a smaller pot is for serving and so on and so on.
It is quite complex and the seremony must be repeated each time a new pot is brewed.
A tea seremony can therefore take up to 30 minutes to prepair and is an art in itself.

At 8 on saturday morning we left our house and got a lift by our cousin to the train station he having offered us the use of his car to take us to the station however not before giving us a teachest full of tea, and 2 large bags of chocolate to take with us, which didn’t improve the weight in our luggage much at all.
The indian paciffic after this being called the train was nice enough.
Our gold class cabins were fine as long as you didn’t mind the crampt confines, the 1 room toilet and shower combo, the limited list of radio stations which didn’t always work all the time, and the fact that at least for my mum and karen the hot water didn’
‘t run and the air was to cold.
For dad and myself it just worked.
4 marvolous days of tasty food, and drink awaited us.
Trips to mining towns such as broken hill, calguly, and cook awated us.
We also had a trip to the adalade central markets which was itself a highlight.
We had an entertainer and a tv crew for the descovery chanel on board which was it itself interesting.
It goes without saying, that we ate and drank till we couldn’t then we ate some more.
We even had chocolates on our pillows when our beds got made each night and it was interesting to say the least.
After all that we got to sidney, a city almost auckland like, with its traffic, airconditioning, and loads of construction.
Its got a nice harbour and well many things.
Our apartment had an italion place right under it owned by a couple that were only to happy to tell us how everything was done from the furnature to the lights.
They were also happy to give us lots of food and lemoncello more than we payed for by a long way and they were a laugh to boot.
It also by this time was quite hot.
One of the places manley for example was 37 degrees and higher, it was also where I had my prorns in an ice bucket.
I also had such things as baby octopus in flower, and crumbed chicken in gravey.
Sidney had changed a lot though from when I went to it 10 years back.
There were more shops, and eateries, cruise liners and loads of people.
I got a t-shirt well a couple of them in fact and well a lot of other things becides.
I walked everywhere in the heat, toured a chinese rock garden and had more tea in a teahouse.
I used the fairies and metros around the city and had a good enough time.
The time came round for us to go back home.
This was an anticlimax, the food was terrible, we didn’t get what we ordered at any case, but better seats and movies which was a bit better than last time movies wize, not food anyway and we ended up at round 10 pm back home on a sunday night.
This week has involved me updating systems, getting through and backing up synced files, listening to audio and checking emails.
I did the stats servey and that was fine.
I plan to finnish the week with some friends coming round for dinner on saturday.

Sadly it seems that it was not going to be entirely a good holiday.
As per the law in this country I must report to the government my status when I go away so they don’t terminate my benefit.
This I did well in advance, well at least as advanced as I can go before a trip wich is round 2 months.
I however messed up the dates and as soon as I realised reported those and got them corrected and was assured it had been done.
I also had an issue with their website which I reported.
Not only was I never further contacted about said issue but just like last time I went away, I got a message telling me my benifit was suspended and that I had to contact the government to prevent any nastyness.
I did thinking it was just that another error only to find that my corrected data had misteriously disapeered from the system, and that the old dates were still valid.
I explained the situation where appon the opperater reinstated my benifit but got me to speak to one of their case workers to fix any aditional issues, this comes monday morning.
My plan for this is unknown.
I have at least 3 options.
The first one which is probably risk free but loathsom is to lie and say that everything is ok and it should be fine if it remains so.
The second is to tell it how it is and get all the issues sorted which could be interesting.
The third is to wing it let them think a story, tell me what I did, grovel and say sorry a bunch of time and hope I don’t go to jail.
To be honest though it will depend on who I get.
If its a burocratic wanker, depend what they say the easiest option is 3 with a bit of 1 and they probably will leave it.
If not maybe, just maybe I can try to get my issues fixed, allof them at once.
And on that note ask why things were not sorted when I asked them.
Should I be so lucky.
Naturally I want this gone, I want it solved, on the other hand, the government is god and I must comply or else.
If that means saying I did what they think I did and pay or say sorry a bunch of times then thats what I must do.
Its only the loss of 2 weeks pay for fuck sake.
Its not worth all the extra shit.
I have read in the papers of people that have stood up to the government and have been screwed over and continue to be.
I don’t want that.
I do hope though that the issues can be fixed and that I can get this delt with whatever it is.
I also hope that I can get it solved without having to get outside help, I don’t want a record after all, no matter what my dad says, its only a couple weeks.
I can admit I initially fucked up, and if thats all they want to believe fine I don’t care.
There are other things to do that week like patch tuesday.
Speaking of future things the house windows are going to get modified so things may change quite soon round here.
Thats about all I need to say.

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