This weeks news

Hi all.
Well, just a few things.
Firstly bt sync and me are no longer friends after it tried to crash a lot with me and well I made it go away, I am using syncthing which is itself interesting as while everything is loaded in its not working
Well cousins came here on thursday and on friday I went out to devenport and town, drank and ate bits and bobs.
And both last night and thursday were big events for me.
Today I caught up on everything I needed to do, however I had to restore the system due to bt sync crashing and probably don’t need to at any rate things seem ok though things seem slower.
Oh well.
Little else has happened computers got updated this week with java, codecguide, the win10 big update and ofcause some other updates.
Things in the lists of tasks to do.
Well, tonight we have people about and rugby, tomorrow we walk.
Happily I am able to say I am done with everything, not much else to do now.
Going rotorua next friday and so who knows a lot of other stuff becides.
The only task to do this month is buy aunt’s present.
Next month I have 1 birthday party and I need to get my ears cleared as part of yearly checkups.
Over that I am just waiting for christmas and more work to start again.
Due to things being busy, there probably won’t be another posting of the blog till thursday week or there abouts.

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Things to miss and other news

Well lots this week.
If you havn’t heard along with ms music going there is aim.
One thing that will probably go once aim goes will be miranda ng, I use it for some irc but thats about gone.
Miranda was nice but that will go.
I am unsure what to do with my ms account, lets face it, the music was a good reason to bother having one.
I have 1 app that I got for the blind when it was cheap with it, and the calendars and a few things are nice, but as for using it with cortana, well maybe then again, I have almost no reason to log in with one anymore.
On a sad note crashy ie which I quit and others I know ages back is being used by companies, yesterday the local airport had about 2 hours of disruptions to security and other things after ie crashed.
You’d think you wouldn’t use it anymore.
In other news the updates came out this week and bar the usual not much changed though the updates were ie heavy of late.
I have walked some, and I will be going out to see a friend with mum today, on saturday after the normal, I will be going out at night to a play about old radio stations in the 30s and on sunday I will be having more people round.
On tuesday the new update for windows comes out and then at the end of that week cousins come from europe.
Then I have a break for a week in which more normal stuff happens, followed by a week about the city and a weekend in rotorua.
Once that is over, we have to get to the business of selling the extra house we don’t need with all the left overs in it.
People have asked me do I want grandpa’s big stereo, I really think others need to be asked before me, mine works fine but it is old and may eventually break.
My cd player is good but where would I put an extra I allready have a broken radio that all the family want me to have and I just am not sure.
Then again, it and just about everything in the house will be put on a trailer and dumped just before we sell, with the acception of the things people want or that can be given to the poor a lot of boxes have been slated for the tip and no one will want old outdated tvs and such so it will be loaded up to be thrown away sooner or later.
No one has said anything but we are allready throwing away a lot of things we don’t see any use for.
Anyway laters all.

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The week’s ramblings

Hi all.
Well did work, was good, got that out the way.
Went to jono and got some musly bars and chocolate mainly, had nice home made pizza dinner.
Had my bro’s birthday with family yesterday which was awesome.
Sadly I got rather sick in the head.
I am still dealing with being sick but its not as bad as it was yesterday couldn’t function right.
Even so, after I shut down, clear washing and do a little cycling, my plan is to sit in the lounge with glasses on and do not much.
For what its worth it seems to be summerish now with a forcast of 20 degrees dropping to 17-18 tonight so who knows.
I just wish it would totally get better with no rain though.
Wednesday will have the standard patch day, updates for windows on next week.
I really hope I am over this stupid cold head thing before the next trip comes, people are coming over and well.
A lot of stuff is going with the house my grandpa used to have.
He is dead so its just the extra house now.
We are clearing out his stuff from the extra house so we can get rid of it and it all seems like to be going next month.
We will be getting rid of all his stuff to pritty much and not everyone is happy about it.
What interests me that if you die and it has your name on it like your papers then its yours and well thats life.
But all the extra stuff including your house is just stuff to be chucked and a house to be binned to no one actually puts that way, but once you are dead and gone most people won’t want your left overs in fact its just left overs as you aren’t coming back for them any time soon.
No actual plans for this week, walk, get the computer from aunt to update for win10 latest, and thats about it.

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Well back in business

Well the parents are back.
Got work today, walk tomorrow and thursday.
Need to get a haircut.
Windows 10 update later this month.
May do something with jono later.

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A thursday post

Hi all.
Well not much to report today.
Last night I had curry at a place in browns bay called bollywood cafe which was quite good.
Lots of bread small dinner but still good.
It cost me 22 bucks for all of it including a ginger aile, any other drinks would cost me over 6 bucks and well fuck that!
There is an iphone update according to twitter so I will get that later on on saturday with aunt.
The only things to report is that I have finally after a year of just about fuck all got a couple contracts.
How a freelancer survives especially one of my standing is well unknown.
The first is a free ongoing project to translate a slavic game with a group of people into english for flights eurofly.
It did get some translations but they are untidy and there are a lot of aircrafts and stuff not done and a few mods and a entire lot of stuff.
Anyway I get to that today.
The other job is a 2.5 hour job with the eeg super computer tech at local auckland uni.
I recieved paperwork this week to read over and I will do that at start of session in work.
The time is set for tuesday afternoon, the initial time has been set not including setup and calibration of the systems assuming no serious errors with the system.
The initial cash payout is set as long as we don’t have anything go nuts on us.
I know the names of my team members and who is running things.
All conversations on the phone with the project boss have been concluded and then I need to front up, decend to the test chamber, get strapped in and then we will see what we see.
Of note I have not recieved the brief on what exactly I will be actually doing.
I could technically ask it, but I have allready accepted the acceptance emails and becides I will be briefed pre project start anyway.
I am always briefed even if I do get a prebrief document.
Project starts just after mum and that come back home.
Not exactly ideal, but still beggers can’t be choosers and being hooked up to the matrix pays well enough that I don’t exactly have to like it.
It will be more inputting data possibly with 1 or both of my hands.
As well as that signal processing looking for certain modulations thats how most of that works as far as I know from previous inputting assignments.
At any rate I don’t have to know what it does, I just get connected up and run the program.
Ofcause every project has a encoded new program customised for that project and then each run.
Allowing for 10 mins of paperwork and 30 minutes of setup with 5 minute calibration stops we should get reasonable progress though it takes a bit of time to set up.
Due to the shielding all electronics not linked to the main system including cellphones will not work down there so its all done via the network.
I wander what it will be this time always interesting.
The only downsides to the project is that you need to drink a lot of water, as the air is cleaned all the time for the systems to run right.
Still we will see what I get.
Through all this prosess has been the slow but gradual demolition of grandpa’s house or should I call it the extra house.
Every week we clear a room, every week something is sorted.
The will is through and we can finally put grandpa behind us and move on.
Life and this blog will shortly I hope go back to normal.
Things I want to do bar reading and the rest of it.
1. I want jono,.
Jono and I have not seen eachother for the last 2 months, and well it will be nice to muck about.
Its barely 2 months till christmas now and well I don’t know.
It will be different without grandpa.
Different without nana all my grandparents gone.
On the other side, the fact we don’t have to bother with slow grandpa holding things up means all the stress will be gone I hope.
This friday I meet with karen for the last time for lunch a thing I have enjoyed.
It means that 1 day a week I have a reason to dress up and go out.
I plan to do this again, maybe over the summer months.
Thats that for now.
I will probably post again later on.

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one week to go

Well mum and dad will be home next monday.
Weather continues to be semi winter/springyish even though its technically daylight savings time.
On wednesday I voted for the usual stable group of people, because thats what I do and the real thing was yesterday in which I simply avoided all of it.
This weekend has yealded the following.
1 yesterday I updated aunt’s iphone and forgot to do the wireless end varification phase resulting with a brick until I got to a wireless network and finnished it off.
Today for no reason I decided to just update the workstation bios.
Its not needed but I have been wandering about doing that.
Firstly the asus updater doesn’t work in any visual sence.
There is a tool folder inside of it with a batch file.
So basically you need to navigate to those folders and run each command.
Then wait with no feedback till speech stops being a jerk.
Then reboot, then wait like 5 minutes and reset again.
Then turn off the system, hold reset, power off and on.
Then rename a file to bios on a flash drive, pop it back in hold reset and then turn on and wait till it does.
Then it does.
Now I am not sure if the standard settings are set right but bar the slightly longer self test the system is now updated and booting which is the big thing.
Technically I should have used wired keyboard for the update as I am sure that was what was being asked after update but I couldn’t be bothered really.
The other thing I did was overlook aunt’s laptop.
For me I don’t ever close the lid unless carrying the unit even under power.
She closed the lid which is set to well not do much at all.
And then she put it away.
Technically this aint exactly good, the thing stayed away thank god not overheating on its flash drive till the battery quit and it shut down.
I powered it off then on.
And it popped up with no sound at all.
I rebooted and then I got sound.
A check of the drives resulted in no dammage.
A check of system files had no dammage however bits of windowsupdate were dammaged which took no real time to fix and there were a few updates.
The last time this happened to me was after a failed bios update and I had a hot brick which didn’t work anymore.
Its not happened since though and now if the lid closes on battery it will hybernate just in case she needs to close it.
I am unsure what today will bring, technically there isn’t anything to do as such so lunch and chilling maybe reading.

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Another long stretch

Hi all.
Well this post is to say I am still here.
Little has happened over the last 2 weeks that is worth mentioning.
Reading happened, and jobs, I have one research project in I guess 2 weeks now since I asked for job checks last week.
Sonnar continues going and going, no work for me right now.
No more work right now.
Little to do today and its finally going to be sunny.
I will read and laze away from my room which is quite cold.
Mum and dad seem to be enjoying themselves.
I have also registered for voting in the national elections and will do this on wednesday via phone an advantage of being blind.
I have been going out to lunch with friends on friday and enjoying it its mainly sandwitches and such.
Laters for now.

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