Another week, another blog

Hi all.
So it continues.
With family talking about how bad things are going to be who knows.
Things continue to continue.
Instead of covering the normal things lets continue on other things.
I got a job with intopia which is ongoing maybe.
Completed this job last week testing government websites.
Seems an age since I did this.
That was my first job and now I got a chance to actually do it again which rocks.
Of course I had to sign an nda.
That means, no talky about job.
I did do a job testing a site which had issues and which will be fixed.
Everyone is happy so thats a pluss.
Went out on friday and had a trucker pie, mostly meet and vegetables.
Weather has been rainy and stupid.
Mum wants to walk, aparently its clearing out but I don’t trust the weather just yet.
Systems got updated, first the dotnet libraries and visual studio stuff and second the big os update including thhe updates for windows 10 21h2.
Its this month and little was updated but we will see what we see I guess.
Dropbox and calibre had updates and a few other things.
Rumors are that we will be exiting to the new traffic light system.
The levels are hard lockdown, semi hard lockdown and whatever normal functionality means.
No idea how its all going to work but slowly bits of the country are attempting to meet the rules.
Little more to say.
Maybe there will be christmas, or maybe I will sleep till new years.

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