Another entry

Hi all.
Welcome to another lets enter some text because there is no reason to write.
I didn’t write anything about last week because though we went out it rained so I stayed in the car sleeping.
I did have a corrianda and lemon icecream from the usual joint but its hardly worth a blog entry.
There were updates again this week but not worth the blog entry.
More government drama but again I don’t care to write it down.
I got my ears sucked and thats good.
I have a possible servey/ job I entered into with the guys behind audio described tv and movie programs so maybe thats a good thing.
I haven’t had payed work in months, so much for a freelancer.

I expect christmas will be spent in bed because of the apocolipse there won’t be a tree or even a christmas so maybe I can sleep all that day.

Essentially everyone is waiting for a 90% vaxrate before we go to a traffic light system, red, hardlock orange, softlock, and green its power up the reacters.
Essentially in practice this means an open ended lockdown for the next 1000 years because we will be waiting for ever.
There is more drama but still.
Supplies get harder and harder and unrealistic rules continue to continue.
And so it continues.
The only good news is they finally release the latest win10 next month.

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