An interesting day and other things

Well before we have the weekly report on the current state of the apocolipse I will describe something which is not related.
Yesterday being friday, I woke up late like 10.30 am in the morning.
We had coffee and some cake with a friend outside, it always needs to be outside for now.
I also had breakfast at that time.
Then I went out to town in the car, walked from west haven to winyard quarter and almost to the bottem of town if you know where that is.
We got a middle eastern lunch which was nice.
Due to the current state of affairs the cost was a lot for what we got and service was terrible so we won’t be back to at least that place.
I also had my first jalato and it was ginger crunch, actual bits of ginger crunch crumbled on top.
I then went home and had a gingerbeer and rum.

So thats the good thing.
Down the rabbit hole we go.
Firstly the middling stuff.
Office updates other updates, more printer issues on win11 and a bunch more other junk.

Now to the pits of hell we go.
Things are really getting expensive now.
Shipping is really blocked up globally, and supplies are getting shortened.
A lot of things will be changed including tourism for ages to come.
And it appears our climate change plans are out, as usual, good ish ideas but implimentation sucks.
So no farms, no meat, no power, no nothing and nothing much more on that.
The minorities bray about how they need more and so it goes on.
Its still hoped that we can still arm up and be ready to actually do some dammage but its also been acknowledged that we are shielding ourselves quite harshly, and won’t be able to keep things active to much longer.
So either we get there and manage to get vaccinated or the zombies will over run us soon enough.
Rumors are targets unofficially for the first of december, and its only going to get worse.

No targets as such and everything is being done when it needs to.
We don’t have much left and it could get worse.
So living in a minefield where each mine is a 20 megatone nuke waiting to blow the balls off of any guy that may make the simplest of mistakes.
So far no hits though its got close.
Various dramas with friends and closer to home have showed me that this is luck mostly that I havn’t got a shell just yet.
Its also known that cancers and other things are falling by the wayside.

So we have shifted from the business of trying to keep the hord out to the long, bloody and drawn out business of all out battle.
And we may lose who knows.
Supplies are short and it will get worse though one is hoping that we can eventually prevaille.
The dammage will be massive, indirectly as well as directly.
And there are a few people that no longer want to know, but I still do.
So I guess something in me hasn’t given up just yet.
However even streaming and network prices are going up.
I feel for the poor bastards that didn’t have any funds to start with no matter who they are currently.
And for the generations that come after, well its bleak not uncermountable but for now well.
What is worse is no one knows where the next shot will come from.
No one is even talking about cluster areas, its all over the place and thats about it so it must be serious.
The top brass aren’t giving us any real clear direction either at this point so I suspect they don’t even know.
With a changing enemy and target constantly moving its hard.
Oh well, find what you can when you can.

Today I plan to do some updates and such.
Should be warm and sunny so who knows.
At least I have another place close to me to go.

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