First outing and such

Hi all.
Welcome to friday.
Due to the cutting of some restrictions we got our first outing.
Granted that consisted of me getting in a car, driving to a place, letting others get food, driving to another place, eating it in the car and going back, but you get what you can take in this war.
No business engagement and according to some quarters we are already lost.
I don’t know if its that bad yet, we are really pushing to get armoured but there are those that can’t use the standard software and well who knows.
I have setup my health online account for vaccine passports and such.
At least realme is being used for more than well whatever.
I made another password for it so I can try to remember it at least.
Its not the same password I use for anything, but it should be something I remember this time.
At least my health identity info is online and accessible to me and others.
Firefox 93 is out.
Its got more security which means you need to bother about with making sure some files download right.
It also will crash on file download though after a restart it will usually get the files in question its otherwise stable.
Amd systems have issues with windows 11.
My office 2019 updated yesterday then updated today.
No idea what that is about.
I can’t wait for summer.
At least I can forget this is the apocolipse and this country is slowly ending itself.
Still playing twine games.

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