Anothher post from the trenches

Hi all.
Welcome to another post from this current side of the war.
I am posting because I need to keep an entry for this month, and as usual I have no idea what to fucking say!
Windows 11 has mixed reviews from people that are installing it and for once I am happy I will not be in the running for the update tomorrow.
Of course I will be getting windows 11 for my secondary spare old usb stick just in case I get someone needing it but really, I am still all for 10 here.
No rush to install.
Office 2022 is also coming out, and for once no one here gives a damn about that either.
Visual studio entered its preview cycle so I pulled the runtimes just for kicks because I thought may as well pull them.
I have been spending time running with twine and mucking about.
Supply chains and us mail and all sorts of stuff are starting to become short, this is a real war now.
The government finally accepted that there would be a split way out.
News from other quarters suggests confusion.
All I know for sure is that christmas is likely to suck.
I plan to stay in bed all christmas because there isn’t going to even be a christmas at this rate.

One thing I know for sure, if there are things worse than this delta in the works us humans won’t be handling it.
I smell revolution in the air.
Seriously, I could see a situation like bangladesh in the next few months if nothing signifficant changes between now and next year.
I mean we are strong but only so much.
There were more protests, granted by someone who is not liked much but the point is, thats 1000 more people that want direction.
I must say at times I feel the walls closing in and want action.
One things for sure, I regret choosing a unionist party in the last election.
It had potential which is why I chose them, but maybe I should go for one of the break away parties or something.
Not the environmentalists but someone else.
There is only a couple parties I’d go for.
I think we should forget about covid and just unlock.
We are starting to lose more to this lockdown, maybe we should just forget it entirely.
I mean no one could say we didn’t put up a good fight.
I mean defeat aint something I’d say lightly but I mean we tried, we failed, so lets just party like its 1999 then go.
One thing’s for sure, we can’t be continuing to fight like this much longer.
Its going to bust soon is what I feel.

But who am I kidding, these are ramblings of a battle weery soldier that just moniters the radios.

Day to day, I have mum cutting my hair.
No prospect of that.
I should be getting my ears and teeth checked at some stage.
No idea when that will happen.
But a lot of supplies are running out.
There is some bush near my house so I can walk a little but still.
One thing, if you are planning to have a christmas, I’d have it now while there is still food.
I mean I am not sure what christmas will be like.
I expect a normal day followed by another normal light.
There won’t be guyfalks this year thats for sure.

More ramblings soon.

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