I am here.

Hi all.
This is an update for updates sake.
There isn’t anything going on of note.
There will be the standard updates coming and with win11 next month who knows where things will be.
I may not be in the running for win11 so maybe thats good.
I am unsure if I would even bother right now.
All the changes to default apps, the shell and the reworking of hacks needed to make things run just don’t make sence.
Windows is working so what.
Seems like more eyecandy to me this time round.
There are no real updates of note bar drivers, codecs and just about every windows app.
Little else to say.
I have walked on the beach with my mum yesterday.
I walk with my aunt in the local bush daily.
I eat, shit and sleep.
I wait for the government to decide when it wants to unlock.
There are a lot of articles round all the stuff going on.
If you believe my parents we are going to go communist well maybe if we let china invade more than it is I’d actually be concerned.

People are affraid of their rights, but I don’t really know why we should fear for them that much.
We output so much online, we may as well be giving our privacy away.
Centralisation aint always that bad.
A card to rule them all, mmaybe thats a bit far but still.
I think we shouldn’t be so worried about what the government is doing.
If we are that worried though, maybe we should not post everything online.
Yesterday people walked out on the beach, and it was almost normal.
I have seen this stuff going on in sidney, so there is a limit and we are getting there.
So lets make it perfectly clear.

Covid though bad is not keeping us locked down, the government likes them and thats why.
With auckland the gateway city and with all the isolation facilities it was bound to happen.
I do think though that opinion is building to try to move some of this away.
I mean I used to be proud that we were in the centre, but not like this.
We may be at the front lines of this war but I am not sure if I want to continuously be bombarded constantly.
I mean enough is enough.
We shield the country, but we get most of the shells.
The good news is that by the end of this year we may be armed up, maybe, not holding my breath.
All I do know though is that if we don’t unlock soon we won’t have christmas.
Fathers day was at least doable.
I got my dad some after dinner mints, and we were able to use a local cafe to deliver some stuff but even so.

I don’t want a christmas lockdown.
This covid will be a winter thing aparently eventually but people are starting to talk about the aftermath.
All those tracking programs, cards and passes.
Its ok now but later we will have to visit all this extra socialist stuff we have had to rush through.
The same as the post about the greenists and how much charge maori will have.
I mean we probably won’t but one must be optimistic here.
Point is New Zealand is in a position to become great again.
We just have to make it, and make it work.
In stead we palm it to some other bastard.
We are green because we get our coal from asia.
We are green because we send our recycled rubbish to africa.
We are green because we use electric cars even though that may use rare elements and create more waste.
We are green because we will import our milk and meat from europe.
So in the end we are green because some other bastard has to get dirty.
And with all the extras, our citties auckland mainly will soon have no business.
Well, not sure what will be the job of the white man once it all goes to the dogs.
I am pissed because we have the tech and smarts to actually make this country really great.
We have the chance if we grab it right now but we don’t.
I don’t understand it, we have an opertunity to grab it right now.
And we have like 2-5 years to do it.
By 2025-2035 that will be gone but we aren’t.
So the next person that gets in will have to restart drilling for oil, the use of our own coal, the reintroduction of plastic bags.
The resetting so the whites have power and its all back again.
The renormalisation of everything if they can.
We shouldn’t reverse, we have a chance to become great right now but all we are doing is stand there going backwards.
By the time we decide all the others will be the early birds and we will miss out on the early breakfast.
But this the ramblings of a guy that can’t do jack about it.
This is what it is.
It doesn’t help this comes from an embattled location.
Oh well.
More later, at least there is coffee, and the bush.

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