one more day in apocolipse

Hi all.
Well everything is done, a few older shows to watch.
If it wasn’t for the para olympics on tv I’d be bored out of my cpu.
The good news is that everything to the south of me is moving to level3 restrictions which means more businesses can deliver.
Of course, my city is where all the isolation and other facilities are so no joy.
Its generally been quiet, but who knows how things will continue.
Due to the green environmentalists, we seem to be on an anti farming/ fuel/ everything without putting in new tech to handle it so we will have to put it all back which is a waste.
Global warming, well who knows, I suppose with all the weather its true, the rest, yeah going green is a good idea.

Just not this fast and without a plan.
Due to no nuclear power we can’t have any alternitives and water and droubts.
Point is we import coal so who knows.
Its all going to the dogs.
I haven’t seen the zombies walking the streets but thats an extreme possibility at this point.
So one of the things I will be doing this week is joining the local blindness consumer organisation because why not.
The other thing I will be doing is getting a mask exemption card to be used in well extreme emergencies, like needing to ware a mask for longer than 10 minutes while inside somewhere or moving about or something.
Its just a good idea to do in case I need to use it.
I have been helping family with connections and other things.
Though why the heck I get people getting devices without me setting them up means me having to remotely work over 6 hours to get them working.
I released my playthrough of the vale and played the game.
This is now done and this game just sits here for the moment.
I was thinking about contacting my man at the university but since its one of the infestation centres I’ll give him a break, after all he has hords of zombies to contend with.
Things continue to continue though I hear about people doing it tough.
I’d like to see friends and muck about but at least I have another place I can go to to hide away from people if I need to.
If this goes the way it goes there may be no christmas, there isn’t going to be any father’s day, and may be no labour day or guyfalks if this goes on.
Not that guyfalks is much to sing about since fireworks are alegal so we will just have to watch it online I guess.
At least there are more birds, though I half expect them to become double the size and then having us for lunch.
Bar any disaster I wait for the time something actually happens which isn’t us humans destroying or trying to save the world we destroyed.
Lets hope things will change.

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