Time to make covid fuck off!

Managed to get my first fizer tomorrow at 10.30 then my second on 4th of september at 3 in the afternoon.
Tried yesterday and the dates were way late.
My dad again managed to weedle the contact centre down a load and well its all on.
Slightly nervous even though I have read the entire official site but still.
Its going to put me out though like a load.
I will be canceling my semi appointments for tomorrow most likely just in case.
Also I will be out completely of kilter.
On both days I will get my training done though and well there you go.
Then every 6 months to a year I will get a booster I guess.
Went to town and had lunch in new market, got coffee and various things.
The malls in new market is good the westfield is a wide open space, with internal and roof top dining.
I plan to make it over summer.
Game testing continues and I may or may not have something in the works job wize later on.
The train sim has had the sounds I put in put in and its all working well.
Everything is fine for now.
Been looking at net providers due to price changes and have decided to stay where I am for now.
Little else to say except I continue to continue.

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