End of an era for waterfox sorry

Subject says it all.
I have been on waterfox 20.08 with no real change in my situation.
Things I liked about waterfox, the privacy aspect obviously.

The simple interface, as well as everything else about it.
The things I don’t like about firefox proton in general, all the extra interface tabs, the newer chromium settings is a bit to get used to.
Auto track blocking which has managed to make a few things just not work properly but I am sure I can get past that.
The fact I am dialing home to mozilla but oh well.
Things firefox does that waterfox does not currently.
1. display resilio sync without tinkering with styles.
2. display sites like support.hp.com properly.
3. does not crash while I brouse the net for no reason.
Also it seems that the issues I had with it being stupid with my fan and cpu are gone.
The only thing is that firefox 64 bit currently is not accessible for some reason so I had to use 32 bit.
However it still does work and my system fan does not race.
There has been a choak point when loading a site on gmail but the brouser has recovered.
Sadly noscript while I can use it does not work with some autorefresh things so I have had to do without it but oh well 99.9% of my addons working is better than the crashy crap waterfox has become.
I will miss the drm non add viewing on sites I suppose but oh well what the fuck, sadly I think I am back using mozilla completely.
I’d like to remove pocket and other unneeded features but oh well its not like it matters.
The only issue is when downloading amd drivers I need to initiate a new window to get the file but oh well thats a small price to pay.

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