Another week

Well, nothing much this week.
Updates got done, and a few other things.

Not much has happened except network devices go weird access wize sometimes and nvda doesn’t seem to be always syncing my time.
Its not a big issue as I have at least 3 clocks here.
Little else has happened locally.

Data is backed up, etc.
Melbourne has got the indian varient of covid and is locked down for a week.
I suspect the government will lock us down sooner or later either because we get it or because thats what they do.
I have no confidence or trust in the government anymore.
Mum has gotten her covid vax second cycle and looks good.
As for me, when I’m called I’ll step up and get it.
Its unlikely I will get covid as no prospect of travel any time soon.
There are a lot of other things but my immediate concern is status of jobs and the like.
No contracts = no future this year there is a query I need to check but bar that I have nothing really to say except I continue to exist in a world which continues to go down and down.
The us is trying to restart investigation into the leak at a chinese lab, china of course doesn’t want to take responsability but who knows.
I suspect it will come out china made it, then its nuke time and world war3 will start.
Who knows, it probably doesn’t matter much now, I mean there is war all over the place or other warming events.
I guess enjoy the moment, war on the left the greenies on the right saying less livestock, no meat, no fuel at all and the housing.
Maybe we will have life underground soon enough.
Just wish they would hurry up and end the world allready, its a forgone conclusion now, at least I can see the end of the world.
Its going to happen either this year or the next 5 or 10.
Even if not, in 2050 I suspect no one will be ready for the green revolution so there you go.
Locally life continues.
I did updates and backups and a few other things.
A few games got released but really thats about it.

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