Another week of nothing and wordpress stupidness

Hi all.
Well, I spent part of this week looking at some software for blogging so I don’t have to muck with the wordpress mobile interface which seems to display posts without headings, I don’t care about the gutenberg weird interface wordpress uses now so.
Anyway for the last month or 2 at least wordpress has decided to not accept my 2step authentication when I login.

That is I login, it says a code is being sent but I never get it.
Between 2 or more times later I will then get a code but it takes several tries.
After mucking about with the support system I managed to contact directly.
I realise this is the slowest way to probably get support with a subsystem and I guess I could send at wordpress access contact I have on file assuming they still exist as they havn’t been sending things at me for a while.
For now 2step is off, I probably will be disabling wordpress logins on 3rd party sites till this is fixed.
I have no issue with 2step but if it doesn’t send me a code every time or first time I ask for it then its really not that much use.
Today is mother’s day so I am at a loose end.
Its raining and stupid which is good for the water for both power and general water but means that things just semi suck.
Over the last 2 weeks or so since last report I have tried new cafes and done updates and general training.
Today was muther’s day so I went out to a cafe and spent a bunch of cash on breakfast.
The only possible exciting news is that due to old age I needed new glasses.
Updates this wednesday, a haircut and then nothing else.

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