Another week at home

Hi all.
Well, this is just an update on the statuses of my life.
Firstly, this fucking stupid asus gaming board is spauning doubble typed letters and key presses.
Not sure, I have shaken it, factory reset it, etc, I may have to find out how to clean it or take it to bits or just get another one.
I should do all these things but really to be honest it could also be rsi, surprised I don’t have more of it being a constant user and gamer.
I have managed to sort out my uni stuff which may or may not happen.
Oh a shoutout to any indians because of, well you all know why, I don’t need to rehash the news just saying is all.
Computer updates on vlc, codecs, a new amd chipset module I never saw before which I installed, and a few network and bios updates here.
Icloud has a new update so spent time making it run right.
The interface is semi accessible as long as you can use a mouse to click in the window to bring up the web interface else its really good.
Windows has an optional which is supposed to have news and interests, but I can’t find the button in taskbar for any accounts, it may be a new accounts thing.
At any case I am going to turn it off if it appears, its just another microsoft fuckture I do not need, not feature but fucture.
A fucture is a feature forced on the users that they don’t need.
And a fuckup is a bug created by the manufacture which could break or force a reformat.
Most updates are potential fucture and fuckups.
If its a small fuckup that doesn’t break much or is fixable then its a bug.
If its a fuckup you scream how bad it is to everyone bar whoever made it because it may not be fixed in a timely manner, oh, the fuckups also include microsoft support, still am not forgivving them for screwing up my system 2 years back.
On an interesting note when I pulled my system information it appears that microsoft is silently installing feature experience packs in the background or as part of updates.
Thats fine but I’d like to know or see if there are feature updates, its only a name.
On that note solitare seems to have some accessibility improvements like extra sounds for things and keyboard commands so I guess microsoft gaming gives a fuck about stock card games.
I don’t give a fuck but I don’t ever play these games even those by spoonbil, I just get them because I can and they are free and well.
Not much more has happened.
The only issue was a program update which decided to have facebook messenger starting up all day long on aunt’s system.
Luckily I could turn it off but with universals even if they are set to not run in background that doesn’t stop them from starting and you need to fix that in the app itself.
One thing I will say is that facebook, whatsapp and facebook messenger are accessible out the box to a degree anyway.
So for my aunt its possible for her to do all that on her laptop as well as phone.
I have tried a new cafe called patch today with a lot of exotic food in it like fish and takos, and chillied scrambled eggs.
I have also tried from another place I go to called majestic a caramell and ginger crunch crossover slice.
Took aunt to coffee on monday like I do once every little while.
Jono tomorrow, need to finalise that.
The cruise was quite good, though the hotel food was semi good and not good, dinner was good the rest sucked.

Still there was a large group and I found out various bits of history about my country from things on the maoris basically beating themselves up to interesting things like us almost having a nuke plant.
I also learnt practical things for example I know where our concrete and road gravel comes from and a few other things, and its all in my general area or close to it, stuff like that.
Lunch was big, and bold but yeah it was good.
Going to some jazz thing in july.
I have been training and walking and such.
A recent listen to some documentary on diet says one extra way to lose weight is to work hard and studdy something or in other words engage your mind and just work for long periods.
I may try that a bit more.
I don’t generally challenge myself mentally that much.
Usually its up at dawn, do twitter and blogs, eat food, do email, read news.
Train, muck about with my interests some of which are adult in nature, and maybe play a game.
Put out washing and empty the dishes.
Suddenly its afternoon.
I either walk and fix aunt’s stuff, walk with mum, go out and do stuff, listen to bits and bobs, etc.
Suddenly the day is gone but may not necessarily be filled.
So things for this week include.
I did my ears this week, a week early but they are done.
I have a couple coffee dates at the start of the week, and my usual walk sunday.
Its rare where I don’t have a schedual.
There were some office and other updates so monday will be spent updating various things aunt’s side, but outside of updates and excercise I am unsure exactly what I will be doing.
I need something to challenge myself physically and mentally and more on the mental side.
There are some days or bits of days where my mind feels a bit empty like I should be processing something.
Of course this only lasts the time its like this.
Generally after I get up I need to do all the standard tasks of the day then well.
Anyway thats that for another few weeks I guess.

The next feature update to win10 comes in may, its going to be another small affair which will not have anything much in it.

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