The weekly update

Hi all.
More heat till today, now its one of these end of season tropical storms.
The good news is we will be getting some nice temperature drops meaning colder nights but still reasonably warm days.
The heatwave is gone and we had our first rainstorms in the last 2 months.
More updates were installed for various things.
In addition the old half and should be dead workstation my brother has is back online somehow.
Apart from it showing its age when starting up, I managed to get it updated, then went through the stupid fucking cunt which is logitech, and their stupid, fat fucking fat mutherfucker of an installer to get setpoint loaded.
You need to use the mouse to click right and not hit the wrong button else the program fucking locks.
So guess who was up till past midnight fucking installing it? me!!!
Its installed and working, why it failed is unknown but who knows.
The system is a mess of patched configurations right now.
It needs a good reformat, needed it 6 years ago, but now its just to old.
Something in the board I think is making it not want to turn over immediately and the everything in it is just ancient.
How it boots is beyond me but it still does, so my main aim is to get whatever it is working and hoping like god it continues.
Some work needs to get done to finnish a few things.
Next week maybe jono and it will be round the bays.

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