Going a way

Hi all.
Well as usual I read back the blog its one of the last things to do here.
I got up at 4 am to mainly finnish my final day of the net, its a pointless jesture, I know, I will have all sorts of shit to deal with, but for what its worth, if I can get one more day to slowly get in the groove before I say fuck off to my digital existance that will be enough.
So things that have happened between the last blog.
Firstly winamp 5.58 is out on winamp.com or winamp.co, take your pick.
This brings winamp to the last ever created version before aol/nullsoft sold the thing.
There was a leaked version out but the official is out now radiognomy say its for security reasons but whatever.
They do say that this is the end of the line for the current winamp project.
On the up side, new winamp, new engine, new interface.
On the downside, we will have to trust that these new guys give a fuck about accessibility and don’t do what apple did.
It will be free again but to be honest, I really hope these guys will play ball with the users.
Saying that even if they don’t this is the final ever winamp in its final state, and as long as I can get it I am happy enough.
This week uncle john and family took me out to curry and that was in itself nice.
Updates this week included language updates, the fact win 10 1809 on the workstation has updated just about every language script in its library, a few store apps and nothing much.
On my and ryan’s systems a small update for windows to get some language and other fixes in.
Nothing has got updated recently of which I am glad.
There was a codec package but thats hardly an update, java has gone to a new building system, so as far as users care v8 runtimes are all one can get.
So I have reconfigured all systems to just run one branch.
Its not a big deal really I don’t think anyone used the new branch but it was there.
Dad is making noises about getting a new brother printer, that could be on the cards who knows.
Saying that, I hope he gives me fair warning.
To switch out a printer means.
1. remove all printer apps on phone.
2. remove all drivers on computer for the printer.
3. Remove printer, install new one, reinstall drivers, apps, update the printer, get used to the new system and setup all online bits and bobs.
In addition remove all online accounts to old printer though since its hap if I get a new hp device laptop,etc we can use it.
Still a way off.
I have also to do a stats servey the wednesday I come back.
This was foisted on me randomly by dad who is quite random on that.
The event was randum for starters.
I have 1 more task before I leave so I better do it.

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