Patch week.

Hi all.
Well this week has been a non interesting thing except for the last 2 days.
These days were spent with aunt’s remote which I had previously updated to win 1809.
It still works cross fingers on the workstation.
The workstation doesn’t have any intel audio devices so it is fine.
This one does, and ms updated the system with a generic intel system.
This aparently buypassed the system in hardware and simply put detected an intel audio device where none existed.
After talking to support and doodling I was able to select and reinstall the realtech driver for that system.
This installed a simple driver which while it worked had my sound come out all crappy, as well as that the audio cut out and was just stupid.
So yesterday I decided to just reformat and go back to a stable os so things worked again.
I did this and after installing, updating as much as I could including drivers offline etc, I was able to update the system online and it worked.
I am seriously not trusting ms updated drivers, the system worked well enough.
On the up side I only have a printer and some cloud phone backups to do today and thats it.
I will have to take the system back to redeploy the build when I get back home from holiday when its out anyway not in a hurry now.
Before that a small patch day, a few codecs, adobe updates, apps and the like.
There was lunching shitty weather and a few other things.
Before that, I was able to fix the cameras though I couldn’t really access them that is or their router they were on.
I managed to ring the isp and ask for an update to the router and fibre box, this fixed all the other devices and after a multiple update cycle it worked as normal.
I also may have a home system to get working for people to use.
The up side to aunt’s system was I was able to clear all partitions of the drive including the inaccessible ones and all that junk so that was good.
There is little I need to do over the usual.
One more week of things, and I leave early saturday next, I will probably put up a blog before then maybe.

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