end week report

Well nothing wrong with eyes, just serface iritation.
Its something I can handle if it gets to bad I can get it handled by the doctors but since it may come back well whatever.
As usual I am up because of alergies and the like.
I slept all night till 2 am, forced myself to sleep till 4 am, and quit trying to do that round 4.30 am.
I went to sleep at 9.30 pm.
And on cue at 2-3am my eyes started hurting and my nose started being a total blocked jungle with its usual chronic itch.
So I am up because I may as well use the energy I have to finnish all my work which thankfully is not looking like much.
Today, I will try to contact uncle john to see about cameras.
If not, then I am not sure.
I have training, followed by checking a couple online things but to be honest after that, and the sheer lack of any real work today thank the lord I am going to try to get out or at least sit out and try and sleep during the day.
Or I may physically go out and do things, mum ordered some plates so maybe today or tomorrow we go to town and see what we see.
The next week will be a normal week bar the patch tuesday thing.
If I can get through next week there will be packing then I go.
And I am not taking my laptop with me, just a radio and a recorder.
I look forward to saying fuck off to technology, my life and the world for 2 weeks.
The fact is I get easily destracted and the net is a good place to loose one’s self.
I got through everything from foundation elections to shopping so I am pleased its all done.

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