Midweek progress report

Hi all.
Well thought I’d come down with a mid week report because a: lots of stuff has gone on.
And B: I am up because I need to go out with dad for some things this morning.
Betwene my elergies, eyes and nose, I have been sleeping in early and waking up early, almost to early.
Usually I’d be concerned but this week is full of a lot of things.
First, my hair is cut!
Secondly, win10 1809 is out, installed and configgured without all the issues of last update.
True there were a few things I needed to do but not as many, I spent most of the time about 2 hours downloading and installing the update.
There were a few extras I had to load but everything just worked and ran.
I had lunch with a friend and ryan came round last night and got cake for his birthday with his girlfriend sally.
I seem to be the most energetic morning, but once the sun is up, I will struggle along till about 9, at which point I will sleep.
I have yet to set up the camera situation with uncle john, and to be honest am not sure if I should till the friday night or just before.
Thats about all I have for you.
Well one thing of note and this is vary important.
If you want to follow my blog please have a public profile so I know what you are.
Its nice to like posts, but I had a profile blsandriea follow me on monday.
Wordpress settings are complex, for now I have stopped it notifying me spamily when people follow or like me, I was never able to kill the people but it will not spam me.
Just know if you cause trouble I am going to have to simply close down commenting.
My posts are not that interesting to be honest just a weekly summery for what I do mostly for friends overseas.
Saying that I am on a couple blogs so whatever.
If I can survive this week and my eyes are not going to be something that will majorly suck and that I can fix with a gadget or something that would be nice.
Maybe I will review the gadget.
If I need my eyes out to get them replaced with a gadget and don’t need eyes because of that gadget then I will review it.
May push me to use a new phone I doubt whatever gadget I will get will work with my old crappy symbian phone.
I wander if I can get 3d printed eyes yet that would rock.

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