The next chapter

Hi all.
Lots on my plate, almost couldn’t be fucked to write anything, then I saw the state of the blog and well, there is a lot to do.
Firstly the itunes issue was fixed by nvaccess 3 days after there was an issue with it.
Aparently apple switched to the universal interface without telling anyone that needed to know.
The module used just didn’t work anymore and now does though it was a bit of a critical issue for a while.
More and more updates, hp windows class driver, intel driver updates, graphics updates.
And for some reason intel updater detects a nonexistant thunderbolt port in my aunt’s box.
At first I thought I’d just install the software and it would fuck right off but it still keeps detecting the controler even though it doesn’t exist.
I don’t have a physical port on the unit.
Next realtech have another new sound driver.
This one has slightly better sound again its almost as good but not quite as good as the toshiba with the unlocked card, not as good but almost.
On saturday the entire family went to celebrate ryan’s birthday at an tye eatery we know of, a lot of hot food, nice and spicy just like I like it.
Chicken, tofu, squid, and noodles.
I also had a nice cider that was good.
And that ladies and gentelman should have been the blog.
I should have said I will be fucking right off and you won’t see me for the next 2 weeks, in fact the only thing is the next windows update, maybe the mention the bathroom is finnished with for now but will restart at some point.
But its not.
A lot of unwelcome stuff has appeared.
Firstly my 6 year old jandles which have been used to death have died.
I have found a place to buy them, will get them soon probably this or next week.
Hope to do the camera thing from uncle john this week to.
Need a haircut, kept saying that for ages.
Well next is my eyes, they are sore and have been sore all winter but to be honest, I thought they were elergies and I just put up with it.
But they are not getting better, so I need to see to them.
3 weeks before I go on a trip to.
Lets hope I don’t have to have them out, life is not worth living if I can’t see light so if they go, I will have to go to.

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