Another list of stuff

Well another list of stuff,.
Lets work in reverse for a change.
Today, and yesterday, apple has new itunes, the main window and a few other things just are not readable.
I have loaded itunes business on all the systems now and thats an older version, so it works but still had to report things.
Updates to dropbox, windows, codec guide, the usual stuff.
Next ios looks good and will come next week.
SO I guess we can put wednesday in the mix to, I did shopping that day and the walk on tuesday.
Monday didn’t have anything of substance.
Lets pull back to last friday because we can.
Friends of dads came round to dinner.
Jono came round on saturday, and my brother with his new girlfriend.
Sunday was walking.
Bathroom continues, the shower has been installed, will be finnished tuesday.
Things to do.
Technically I have the rest of toomhunter but its a bit blaa right now.
Eurofly, but again, I can’t be bothered right now the single craft tasks are really a bugger.
I am thinking of getting the 7128 stuff for pc which is free and playing that.
But then I am not sure.
Its friday, and well its when I do something else.
So plan is to train.
After training, not sure.
Job wize I had to pull out of a couple opertunities that I had said yes to in the past.
The first one had a lot of stuff I was not comfortable doing.
The next one used skype, skype 8x sucks, I don’t use skype.
I also have lost interest after 5 years waiting for something to happen.
Mum and dad are away till tomorrow seeing friends.
Ryan is skiing down south.
I’m here sitting on my ass.

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