Another generated bit of flotsum

Hi all.
Well I ran out of titles this week.
So back to last week, it was sunny and with a bit of rain, I sat on the rocks while the ashes were dumped then we walked a bit then came home, had some tea and cake and went to dinner where I had some nice if a bit rich cake, good pasta and sort of ok soup.
Others said it was really good soup, but soup no matter what it is especially if it is vege soup is just fucking soup for fuck sake!
Sunday, I can’t remember, it must have not been oh wait.
We went to an expensive cafe that while the food was good you didn’t get fucking much of that, so sunday sucked.
Ok now to the good and bad news of this week.
I have started using cute pdf so I can direct print documents or rather get documents ready to send to aunt’s net printer.
This worked.
However I must have done something stupid which I can’d fathum because now resilio sync will not close.
I was able to find a folder which I no longer wanted which was just not syncing and make it fuck right off.
However while it has stopped sync being an utter terd freezing and being blaa, sync will not close if I try to close it and will take some time to load to.
So eventually I get errors it can’t and have to make it die in task manager.
To even achieve this I had to change the services configurator to not try to restart it which it was trying to do every time there was an error.
Not much else to report.
Things in the pipeline.
One of my windows is still broken, the catch that is, not the window.
So no blinds one side, blaa, its getting fixed though.
Now to the bathroom, more work on getting the bigger drier into the hole, things needed shifting, and now things just fit.
Thats fine, trouble is, if we ever need to take something out its going to be quite hard to even do that.
Still looking at a potential new system.
The 2 systems I have seen are both hp, both of them has risen 5 processers,
One of them has 8gb ram the other has double that.
One of them has 128gb ssd storage the other has twice that.
Both have a 1tb hdd, a usb2 and 2 3.1 ports.
One of them has wireless ac and a smart card, one of them doesn’t and has a dvd writer.
And one of them is 1400 and the other is 1500.
I would like the ram and ssd space but I don’t right now need wireless ac though it would be nice, I certainly don’t use a smart card at all.
On that note, I can probably buy an external slimeline dvd and or a smart card reader.
Both have windows home so I will need to get that.
If I went with the 1400 laptop, then I’d have to spend 40 bucks on an external dvd writer so I would still be saving 50 bucks.
The only difference bar screen size is that one of them is an x360 the other isn’t.
I have no need for usb c ports right now and I doubt I will be changing my technology soon.
I do get 3.1 as supposed to 3.0 in 2 ports so I get 5gb transfer speeds.
At least its good to know you can get something like that.
If I was going cheaper, for 600 bucks, an amd a9 with almost the same config would be what I went for but if I got that I may as well get an older 7th, or 6th duel core intel.
And if I got anything below 7th gen, The first thing I’d probably be doing would be to load windows 7 on the system because I have a copy of win7.
Technically due to hacking into systems not being a problem I could just go right back to xp, but so many things don’t work anymore with it, including java, firefox/waterfox, chrome, codec guide codecs, nvda, a raft of other software packages that its not really a thing I can just do.
I am however really thinking of switching to xp on a system for gaming and playing media without restrictions.
Then again I can’t be bothered.
The xp machine I have is old, the dvd and fan are broken, and the hdd is a 128gb hdd which is waaaaay beyond what I use now.
Pluss, I don’t think I could go back to 512mb ram on a 2.4ghz single core ever again!
I do have my core2 duo I guess, but again so much doesn’t work with it anymore.
I however am seriously thinking of getting into vms if things will support things.
But thats for later.
This weekend I am due to do some more network work for my uncle, some cameras are giving him greef.
There is more to this but as usual you don’t need to know.
The wireless extender seems to be working though.
Not much else to say, see you next week.

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