Sick week

Hi all.
Well not much has happened since the last blog posting, most of the family have got sick with colds and headakes.
The work on the bathrooms continues, its all I want to say about all this.
Computer wize, I updated aunt’s hp today, there will be an update this week being it is update week.
For the first time in ages I didn’t train today because I suddenly didn’t have the energy to do it, I have been trying to be active during the week because of well people being around the place making noise.
On friday I had a nice lunch, fish and chips, sallad and sliders, which are small bread roles, not sure about tomorrow, weather is supposed to be bad.
The good thing is that I am just about well enough to get out and do things.
The next things that will be happening.
Well the only thing on the cards is to get my hair cut because I need it but the local hairdresser is busy so I will have to go somewhere else and get it.
The next thing after it needs to be done within 2 months and I may even leave it till later, on, who knows.
I need to login and inform the government that I am leaving the country for my holidays well technically I don’t but if I don’t they will stop my bennifit and I can’t have that.
Then again, it probably doesn’t matter.
My plan is to wait till next month just in case something crashes out for some reason.
But who knows.
Maybe if I do it at the end of the month who knows.
I just hope the system doesn’t crash again.
Anyway, little else to say, short posting I know.
Tomorrow I will try to get out either walking or to lunch some how anyway.
Being sunday, and having only just sort of recovered who knows what will happen.
Laters just now.

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