And round and round she goes

Well managed to finnish the work yesterday on the instalation, but found out the asus got quite hot which my uncle never mentioned to me before, and since that tellys with everyone online I decided to not bother with it.
The netgear works, its setup, its got firmware updated and it works.
Before that I had pork belly for lunch at a pub called montros, expensive but usually good enough.
Going backwards, saturday I payed bills, updated hp devices, and got the jabra setup.
Friday, I went to rencon for lunch, japanese and that was good and shopped.
Thursday I went to coffee as usual.
Wednesday, I went to browns bay for lunch in the french cafe, on monday not much happened.
I managed to finnish another task pack for eurofly.
Dad is sick with a cold, and so is in bed, bathroom work will continue tomorrow maybe, architect will be round to look at some windows, and some trees need cutting.
One of dads friends who I also know came up on friday night, and chatted, he just happens to own a damler so I may go looky at said thing.
This week’s only other possible thing is the going out on friday with dad for birthday things, I have also got a shaver from dad for birthday.
Not much is planned for this week but I always say that, mum and I will be having harcuts, there is at least 1 walk, not much else.

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