Another week

Hi all.
Its another week, I got aunt a jabra freeway and have been sorting it out.
Charging it, updating it, reading userguides.
It can charge on a standard charger for usb if it needs to and a car charger.
I talked to jabra about it and well just to say they are quite supportive, so thanks guys for that.
This week is the standard updating of windows and other things, flash has another update as does codecguide.
On saturday, is the multi birthday celebrations for myself, an aunt, uncle and cousin all in that order, I don’t have those in a single unit, hmmm wander if I had all those, pluss mum, dad, brothers, sisters and all family in a single unit if I could get cash from ginis or something.
Hmm but if I was in a single unit, hmmm a borg moment perhaps?
At any rate, a week after that will include on a saturday my birthday with jono, and shortly after that my birthday the monday of the next week, wednesday that week will be interesting, and the sunday of that week maybe to who knows.
After that in july th 19th being the aniversery of my grandpas passing we will be scattering the ashes and going out for dinner.
Then its father’s day, another cousin’s birthday, and well then its almost the end of the year.
Going walking soon, brilliant day to do that.
Ooh and we beat the french at rugby.

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