End of the line for skype

Hi all.
It is with heavy heart that I have no choice but to leave skype for ever.
I will still have skype for those that want to get in touch but as always you will need to email me first.
If you are in new zealand or australia I am going to start giving my home number out simply because skype is dead.
At least for now skype classic remains.
Luckily I don’t need skype for my business work I will need it for family things unless I move to whatsapp on a smartphone that is.
If you want to skype me, ask and you can, but the days of me logging on to it every day are numbered.
In fact I pulled out of nvda chat group, the only reason I logon to skype.
While I will keep skype around for personal reasons I am going to pull it out of my register.
Maybe I will try skype web through maranda, if I can use this to call then maybe its a solution but the skype client has gone nova and this time I think its for good.
Today, an update pushed me to a preview of 8x.
I know ms are moving away from classic but all I ask now is if they don’t want to update it that they leave it up for those that want it and in addition pull skype classic from the updateable skype clients.
For now I can still get it but The only reason I have an ms account now is for store apps on 10.
That and weather and news.
And I don’t need news and weather on there as such so store apps which I do have some I have brought.
I am not happy with this.
I am not certain why microsoft erodes its userbase like this.
Firstly it was its music to spotify, and now this.
There is barely a need for a home user that is not a business or on the go to even have an apps account unless he has and uses onedrive exclusively, and definately no need to login with a microsoft account.
For business users well.
To be honest, microsoft you can go to hell and take your fucking account with you which you wrecked for us home users that were actually doing ok before.
True there is tv and books and maps but to be honest thats that.

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