The week’s ramblings

Yeah I know its the start of another week and I am only just getting this one sorted.
Not much happened.
Firstly, I should have got my a10 at nole leaming when I had the chance or was it jb hifi.
Suddenly the a series seem to have mostly gone.
The rest are not much better.
Mostly a 4 6 and maybe 1 9
My plan next is to hit the rizen chips, they are new and seem to be ained for gamers and standard users.
They are fully multithreaded, and unlike the intel systems just don’t have issues or lets hope so.
It will mean I will not be getting a light system though.
3kg ultrabook is what I am aiming for.
Interestingly I looked and found an asus r7 system, it has the same specs my r5 I am looking from hp but costs 1-2000 bucks more.
The extra cost? a slightly better graphics card and 1 ghz of cpu power.
Thats really not enough for me to justify spending on it.
The good thing is that rizen seems to be the future for the amd chip.
For 800 bucks I can buy a rizen 3 or 1100 a rizen5 and for the extra 300 bucks its not a stretch.
Still this thing continues to be and while it does I will not be moving.
When it dies I will be going rizen and probably a laptop.
It will be an ultrabook right now basically an entertainment tablet.
1tb hdd, 256gb ssd, I think its got 8gb ram or is it 16?
I may try to get 16gb ram and a 500gb ssd but we will see.
I don’t need extra ssd size as such but still it would be nice.
In other news, among the usual things including helping aunt with all her computer things and bills, iphone updates etc I went to jono and such and and had a good day.
I have set my birthday friends party for 23rd june.
Things are coming so fast.
The next things on my mind this year will be a service and reformat of the systems uncle al has.
Well 1 of those.
I am unsure what is next on the electronics list.
I go to australia in october and will probably report my status in september though I do have enough time to report before I go.
Work wize, nothing as such, however I met one of my old instructers from swimming classes in my yunger days and she may have access to something maybe.
Still whatever.
Work right now doesn’t exist, It appears nothing from usual sources.
Later all

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