and it didn’t happen

Hi all.
Well the new system idea didn’t happen.
I entered the shop I chose, you can ask me off blog if you really want the name.
Its not the general shop I would choose my plan was to get an hp ak170013ax though I had seen a 008ax which I may still get down the road.
Anyway, The seller was keen to sell me the system.
He was ready to install upgrades no questions asked, ready to make a recovery disk for me upgrade the os and everything.
Good, my guts started to tell me this was a bad idea, something didn’t fit.
I was on a role, with a new bed and all that I was bullet proof.
Another free external drive oh boy, a mouse, a bag.
Wow, and this new system, its a z50, I’ve never heard it before so it must be new, I mean the seller wouldn’t be shitting me, I’ve never seen it ever but that doesn’t matter.
Its not what I really want but what I really want doesn’t exist anyway so why not.
Lets get it with all the upgrades.
The guy began to then say how insecure I was, and started pushing trend micro, and norton products on me, at expensive prices for all my devices including smart phones.
I said no, but that should have been a clue.
I got home, run lenovo.
Strange doesn’t appear but maybe I search.
nothing, oh well lets sleep on it.
The next day, I did a full search on all the sites the shop’s site, all the other shop sites, lenovo’s site.
Then I started worrying.
Not there?
it must be a missprint.
Sick to the stomach, I did a search on the series, z50.
Yes there was a z50-75 released last year, and there were reviews for it but not a general list.
Reviews looked ok.
But the z50 series, expired in 2014, the so called latest stuff may not be the latest.
I was paying round 2000 for it.
At this point my guts decided to kick me in the balls vary hard, what a wanker.
I pulled out, to many unknowns.
There is at least 2-3 years till this laptop dropps out of win7 and after that we will see.
So whats next in reguard to the new system.
The laptop was good, good for school, good for university, good for well everything.
Good to travel, good to sit outside good to run round with.
Here is the thing.
No school, no uni, and no job means the forces business people usually get forced on just don’t fit my profile.
No travel, I think once I used my laptop in melbourne for a month stay and that was at least 10 years back.
I remember 2 more trips where I took my laptop round and either never used it or used it so sparingly I may as well not have had anything at all.
And as for sitting outside, Bar a few sunny days I prefur not to bother with that.
So with all the sound issues and bloat, the next system will probablybe a desktop, or an older style laptop but probably a desktop.
Its upgradeable, cheaper and well quite good.
As for a laptop, my plan would be a netbook or something for travel, or an older laptop, or something.
It needs to…
1. run thunderbird and waterfox and maybe winamp.
2. be wireless.
and thats probably it.
Os wize, to be honest something like windows 7 or even windows xp for all it is will be enough.
Its not like I will be doing much with it.
Ofcause if another unit comes with my specs I may continue with it.

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