A week of new tech

Well a lot of stuff has happened for this week.
Firstly on wednesday my new bed showed up.
That being a nice medium king coil matress with back support and a base with 2 drawers in it.
Topped off with a delicious jell pillow.
Thats makes shaun happy in deed, a nice place to sleep and store some of my t-shirts and shorts.
Updates were few ccleaner, a firmware update for aunt, a windows 10 update, and dropbox on the side.
No email bills to handle tomorrow so I can get my work done quickly and chill for once.
Next a new system.
There isn’t anything wrong with this os, except that windows 7 is on its way out and I am working on a new box.
This is a lenovo z50 which aparently is old as or a new series I can’t find it anywhere in its current configuration.
It contains an amd fx9000 top range processer, 8gb of ram updated to 16gb, a 256gb ssd updated to a 512gb ssd, a 1 tb external 7000 rpm hdd, a mouse, and carry case and a backup recovery usb stick.
It will run windows 10 home which I will have to update to pro so my readers work on it right and I have control of things but thats about it.
There isn’t a dvd drive as such so I will have to run an external drive to run dvds in the box.
At least for a little while this old toshiba which still works will continue to work on windows 7 64 bit, though to be honest, I may end up loading it with 32 bit windows so I can run a lot of my old stuff as well as a lot of extra things.
I can also take that on the road.
My plan is probably to turn this old box into some sort of multimedia stereo hookup and games box with the ability to muck about on it doing what I always do.
I am happy at least for now that I still get a win7 system to keep with.
Its still working and I do like hdds.
A lot of people still say the cloud is the way but to get cloud data that doesn’t need your hard drive to store it on to access it well.
I still like local storage.
This seems to be a lot of things going on at any rate.
Thats basically it, I just hope things are not squed with things the deal is good and I have a lenovo.
Lets hope I have a totally unlocked soundcard like people says they do so I can actually have a system that actually works.
Also I really hope newer games work on here else I will have to continue to use the old box to game on.
The only other things I did were mundain things.
Rebuilding the sync system because one of the users I have has had to change his keys.
On the other hand the system starts much faster and works well.
Next because of europe and its privacy policies pluss money things a lot of updating details today.
And also a lot of extra things.
including but not limited to, the rebuilding of my monitering jetpack on the other blog I manage.
Thats about it, except to say that due to caren not walking on sunday its probably off to market I go.

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