30% slower well fuck me!

Yeah interesting subject I know.
So you will be aware about the totally fucking huuuuuuuuuuuuuge memmory leak in basically every intel and amd chipset including phones that exists basically from the beginning of time well basically 10 years.
I have been testing because I know how the early updates for all oses as well as clearing things.
While your newer units with ssds may be ok, the fact is that 3rd gen units especially all your duel core non quad cpus are really going to feel the brunt of this.
I am unsure about other sites but wordpress is slow as on waterfox I am unsure what firefox will be or other things.
Even though newer chips will have updates to fix this and even though some modern chips will get updates the reality is that most chips especially any system older than the last 2-3 years which is as long as one seems to be supported in the old days will probably never recieve a firmware update.
There are os updates and initial emergency patches are out which will slow down all systems a third.
I have not noticed at all that much though a few programs take just that little bit longer to run.
The floor effects a part of the cpu that handles caching of certain tasks so programs can access those faster.
Basically what has been done is this is no more.
Its the initial patch, and its taken a while for manufacturers to get on top of this.
I do hope over time that this is improved to a point things don’t suck.
If you are using anything not ms antivirus, then you may actually cause things to die, which means you need to wait till the 9th of this month to get the update when antivirus writers hopefully release a patch.
While this will not be any help to server users, home users should turn off virtual pc or hyper v, internet information services and iis hostable web core, data center bridging, containers, device lock down, host guard, cmac and nfs services.
The big culprets on top of this seem to be multipoint connect and active directory who knows why.
That may alone fix things.
It does however mean if you need services for any of that that it won’t work.
You may have to chop and change.
However that has at least improved speed a lot on win10.
Sadly due to crashes in excell and office apps, I have had to tell the google drive plugin to fuck right off.
I can probably manage without it I only wanted it for convenience but now its a problem and one I really can’t be bothered handling.
Technically the secondary workstation could do with a reformat but I can’t be bothered to do that either.
As it is the net is slowing down with all the patches.
If you are a geek, you can from win10 click learn more in the windows update part get access to the windows catalog and get the updates for your cpu type.
In win7 and 8 you will have to search for windows 7 or 8 update history in google.
Uscert also say that nvidia and google chrome may be effected.
Nvidia say they won’t but they are updating their drivers so you should get those anyway.
Its just as well servicing on uncle al’s boxes is now underway.
Although there were no malware issues, a few programs had to be updated, java, codecs, and a few odd ball drivers.
As well as that 7z files associations to 7zips list of archives had to be reset for some things.
In both boxes, windows latest update did not install.
The first because it was never restarted.
The second was due to its power config conflicting, users would then go and turn it off.
Eventually I told the users to leave the thing on.
When I turned it on yesterday to do the work, the system was updating itself.
Speaking of this, I need to reset the power plan back to where it should be because I never reset it.
Its been storming for the last 2 days straight and still is.
Today we went to an art place as my mum got a voucher for christmas to spend there.
However while the food and drink were fine, we didn’t get anything we wanted and the weather really sucked.
Tomorrow is the time that we go and well get out, at least dad and I do, mum has a few ladies coming round that used to work with her in past years.
They do this once a year and us 2 go and do man things.
But the weather sucks badly.
And if it does I am unsure if I will want to do anything much.
I have spent time listening to a heroes call rpg streams, not really played it much but who knows.
Next week everyone goes back to work, and I will have to officially try to read my book, trouble is I really want to play ahc now I can.
This week coming, will be updates and final servicing of things.
Things on the yearly plan.
The first thing on the cards is to pole for university research projects to see what is available and when it is.
There is a small holiday at the end of this month where I go to a poky little maori place up north and basically tell all my technology including the net to go fuck itself.
That includes email, skype and twitter.
I also say fuck off to tv.
I will however have a few things with me.
1. my digital recorder to record myself and batteries.
I will also have my new portable radio I got for my birthday last year a thing I never had before.
Now its not anything flash, and doesn’t get every station, its basically 2 wheels, a couple switches built round a reciever and a crappy speaker, but for the 10 bucks it cost from the warehouse it means that if I get tired of drinking, eating, walking, chatting and playing cards or when I wake up I can at least listen to a station.
I do wander what I can pick up away from the tech world.
There is no phone lines up there, no net of any kind and no tv.
There are no radio stations either.
So in theory it could be interesting.
Thats basically it for now.

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