christmas blog

This is not so much a christmas blog but a catchup from the last time I posted.
The next one will probably be after the week of the third of january when everyone is at work.
Little has happened apart that last week I was sick for most of it with a headake and dizzyness.
I havn’t read all this week, and due to the fact christmas preps need to be complete before 4 its unlikely I will be doing that either at least today.
I listened to radio till 9 am which is not usual for me but its a day off gym and everything.
Because I didn’t do anything as such yesterday I had yesterday’s stuff to get at as well as today’s stuff.
Eurofly2 is out but there is no chance I will be getting to that for a little bit.
Yesterday I went to drinks at a friends place, and that whas ok, its the same friend I walk with karen as I mention sometimes in the blog and her family.
Over that not much has happened.
the only thing active was updates for coedec guide, and windows decided to update its language updates.
Intel had a bluetooth update and a driver update and the hp printer aunt had had a firmware update.
The radio station I listen to online was selling a jazz christmas album, I have to many christmas alboms some free some I own outright but still there is yet another christmas album on my collection.
Little else has happened.
Things that will probably happen at some point will include uncle als computers reservicing I also want to try again with dad’s firmware as it seems slower, it may be time to reinstall windows but I need time and so I may or may not.
Bar that I havn’t much to bother with till the 30th when ahc comes out.
laters just now.

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