Another random blog entry

Well this is just to say that I am still alive.
So what happened, almost nothing has happened for the last 2 weeks of any real value, except that its been 2 weeks so I relly should note down what has actually been going on over the usual activities, routeens, chores and the like.
Firstly jobs, all testing jobs and serveys bar 1 fell through the one that didn’t will happen later next year.
Next microsoft, they called back.
Sadly they couldn’t find anything wrong at all however they managed to create another problem while trying to see what was going on.
Happily all I needed to do was reinstall office and not restore the system back to the end of october which would have sucked, not happy!!!
Next, the decks got cleaned.
Them the windows, and the eaves.
This means we can in theory use them.
In theory because of 2 issues.
The first can be solved, the next we need to wait till they go.
If you have been reading borris twitter, he talks about jerkbirds, sparrows and such, @borris, yeah I hear you man, those fucking jerkbird mutherfuckers are the reason we have issues using the decks as well as parking cars outside which we must due to garrage being over filled with various odds and end.
They shit on everything.
Now unlike borris they sound really cool mostly, they wake me up in the morning which rocks.
However They live on the roof and nest there, so we really need to.
1. remove the birds after they go.
2. remove the nests.
3. put protection to stop birds ever coming back to roof.
4. put safe arieas near house so we can still enjoy birds, hopefully different native birds which sadly is not happening.
All this stuff assumes that it will happen.
Points 1 and 2 will have to happen as will 3, 4 is an optional feature but I’d like that installed but am unsure if it will be.
Computer wise, the net has gotten quieter.
Yes a few updates but not as many.
I am using waterfox which is using old mozilla firefox 56.02 for now.
It will continue to be like this till june next year, at which point we will have to be switching to another brouser again well there will be a new version I hope which will not suck.
They want to keep the old software if they can but to be honest, if it goes the way mozilla goes, I may have to use an old version, at least I have a bit of time.
I have written all my christmas letters and am slowly getting my presents together 2 possible ones allready sorted.
There are 2 people I need to give presents to that may or may not include my parents, for those I take them out, and or maybe buy something for the house or something who knows.
As for games, a beta of one is in testing, not testing it because of all the issues it has thank god its list only and others can do it.
2 rpg adventures are coming out one at the end of this month.
Finally its gotten really hot with temperatures to remain so all through summer.
There will be a bit more rain but heck I can live with that.
Usually around this time I will put a letter out to all people to simply go fuck off and not bother me as its to hot to work.
However due to a couple things, namely the lack of work this year, the fact contracts have been sparse and the fact that bar my test pilot contracts this year with government and local universities, of which there have been 2, I have not had any serious work so my offer of actual work dispite the heat is still open.
Even if I have to work in the middle of the night with the heat I’ll do it, as long as its saturday then again who knows.
Monday is still a break day.
Here is the thing though.
For the weeks christmas to new year, about 3 or 4 of them a month technically I can’t work just because family exist and are about.
In january everyone goes back to work.
And they do it early enough that by the end of the month I can do online work again without issues.
I watched the last game between the all blacks and whales last sunday and it was a treat.
2 powerhouses beating the hay out of eachother really good game.
Grandpa’s house is finally sold, so in 3 weeks that will be off our hands including every bit of furnature in it that we havn’t yet taken for ourselves.
This is in a way a relief as ryan has yet to find a house and to store all the extra fernature was going to be a problem.
This has been one of the last sticking points left to handle after grandpa died.
Now we can try to figure out where to put what is left of grandpa, and to get christmas going.
AAnd with this I go.

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