Another random cold day

Its been hot but there is a small cold patch over us currently.
Should be gone by tomorrow.
Not much has happened as such.
Updates as usual, followed by dealing with phone spam, followed by looking at chrome and have it not work right and going to firefox57 which works to a point and can be used.
Playing a few games, applying for some more jobs and serveys, doing prep work for christmas.
And not much of that.
Watched us play scotland which were not pushovers by any standard of anything.
So today mum and that are away but should be back from friends today.
No updates for once and its my day off.
Nothing I need to action so sunday can actually for once be a day where I can just blob other than yesterday where I spent the morning behind a bike and on the ground and the afternoon sitting in front of a workstation.
Its becoming sunny and that means I can finally go out do things.
I had jono about the week before last, had a blast.
Had a good 60th party of a friend last week and that was good.
Lots of salad casarolle, cheese cake and 2 other cakes and fruit salad, of which wich I enjoyed vary much in particular since I have not eaten kiwifruit for ages I just don’t buy it as a standard fruit, its usually bananas, oranges, apples, grapes and manderins with a mango on the side.
Today for once I go to aunt, muck about with cousins and chat.
I had an issue with the phone which seems fixed.
Ms is supposed to call me on the office issue I have been having with dad but we will see.

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