Another random week

Hi all.
Well not much today for which I am happy.
Firstly we take the week as it comes.
On tuesday we took the last trip with the cousins from germany to a bush ariea and then the pub where I had the biggest fish and chips lunch I ever ate.
A large sivfull of chunky fries, a load of salad and 2 large bits of fish in beer batter no less and a large glass of cyder.
After that not much happened but we went out to my uncle’s for coffee.
Little has happened for the rest of the week except the papers promising we have 2 weeks of possible cold hell then it will be hot, humid, with normal wetness, a lot of sucky winds, and other badness and it will be hot.
I was hoping there would be a lot of hot with sunny days and all summer but oh well.
I have applied for the testing team as they anounced that today, and I hope I get that.
Now the computers.
The printer refuses to print on google cloud, via wireless direct or anything randomly ish, it prints on the network and there is nothing wrong with either device.
Aunt’s system was tested but started fine.
Ofcause I test it and it didn’t exactly start nicely, I got a sightling to do it with me and the display had decided to not exist, I did a reload of that, then ran the support assistant in which I not only found that I had display drivers and the like but that I can’t trust it, on going to the web site for hp, I found a lot of stuff set in september that it just didn’t list and the same in october which were listed.
Importantly this included among other things, system startup utilities necessary for windows to interact with the system, interface drivers for the wmi controler, hard drives and ssds, touchpads, video and audio display ports, as well as the bios.
I will not trust hp support as I used to its still usefull for things like numbers but hmmph.
I spent time updating those and the rest, sadly after the shop had been at the system google was corrupted and I had to reinstall chrome as well as a few other things.
As far as the workstation goes, a call to ms revealed that it was a large bug and while they did a few fiddlings it just didn’t work and they said they were fixing it.
Its not exactly the answer I wanted but it does at least mean its some one elses issue and not mine.
Little else has happened, and bar meeting friends today and the usual shit that goes down nothing will happen.
I need to help aunt with her iphone tomorrow and also look at the printers again, recheck its all ok.
Its not going to help but may as well keep her happy.
I really want jono up, but to even have any attempt of doing that it needsto:
1. not be wet.
2. be sunny.
3. not be such that its blowing a fucking gale.
This last one I probably won’t get but a sunny day with a breeze is fine no wind even better.
Helloween went past with nothing happening, no news, nothing at all, guess the world has its own issues to bother celebrating for randomness but oh well.
guyfolks day is this sunday or should it be celebrate a terrorist day since thats what the origional guy would be classified as now days.
For once, bar an ear cleaning this wednesday I havn’t got anything of shattering import this close to years end I need to actually bother with.
That isn’t to say I won’t have things to bother with, christmas is coming and birthdays for parents.
Though even christmas is dumbed down.
In this family, we have drifted so far apart one is right into god, jesus and all the crazyness that goes on, one uncle is a business man and so are his children for the most part, we are fine and my dad’s lot are full of themselves and everything else.
In short no grandpa, no actual christmas, a few presents maybe and maybe we get a sort of christmas and muck about maybe, the day for me as it has been the last 2 years bar a dinner at night won’t be anything special as such.
The big day is my mum and dads birthdays later that month.
New years is usually a non event, no parties, I just go to bed at 9 pm as usual maybe who knows.
Lets hope nothing screws itself over like last year.
Looking forward there is a trip for all of us to pirth next year.
Ofcause there is the dentist and then me looking for test pilot jobs at auckland uni.
And if I get bored there is always the end of the world to look forward to which could happen any day judging with the us and corria situation of late and russia.
I predict the first bomb goes on christmas, or maybe next year, its pritty much a forgon conclusion, there will be a war this or early next year.
Then again there is so much shit on the local news I just don’t listen to half of it.
And with that out of the way I am off to breakfast.

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