Hi all.
Well I have had family over from germany the last few days.
I went to rotorua over the last 2 days and its been wet.
We had at least 2 3 hour + walks and another 1 hour walk looking at nature parks and getting a few recordings from some places.
Computer wise, not much has happened.
Due to issues with firefox I have reverted back to an old version.
It seems to be getting hotter, I am also dealing with issues with the workstation with outlook which I havn’t managed to fix just yet may have to use cloud service a lot.
aunt’s system has issues and needs servicing.
Over that I don’t have much to report except that is offline.
I have a few games to handle today but I think for the most part I will be doing not much as got up early intending to go through a lot of stuff only to find that I didn’t have as much stuff as I thought.

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