flatpack thursday

Hi all.
Welcome to another blog posting.
This week has been unusually busy.
I have spent a lot of the time assembling flatpack shelving units for my aunt for storing things and this has taken a lot of my time.
I also went to see a friend north of auckland and got stuck in traffic.
Otherwise I have helped my grandpa with several bits and bobs as well as gone out to lunch with family and the like.
Tomorrow there is a jazz thing somewhere and today I am going to town soonish
On the tech front, little has been done as such, a few updates but nothing that major.
Amd released another monthly update but thats about it.
Spent a day with jono again in which we got food and mucked about once again.
Summer has finally started.
Its finally hot!
Sadly for me this doesn’t mean work stops, since it is now february, and therefore business starts, work continues.
If you have not read the sonnarnews wordpress blog allready, work has restarted and things seem to be on track.
I have a work mail address shaun@audiogamehub.com
This is not my personal email so I don’t mind blabbing round the net with it, its only for business use.
So far the only thing I have used for it is to set up the wordpress blog, I am not going to set it up for any forum, I’ll just logon as me like normal.
If it ever comes to it I may use it for skype use but I am not sure.
Desmos came back and got me to test their calculator and aggreed to do it all over email.
I have done that though I am no math guru and it works but ofcause thats about all I can test.
Still waiting on auckland uni, I will be offline for 4 days starting on the 23rd.
As with everything, I will probably not have time to be online so I won’t.
When I return therefor there will be a day or 2 where I play catch up.
Straight after that is the round the bays run, and I know a month after that people go away for various things after which things should settle down for a little.
laters till next time.

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