another week closes

Hi all.

Well this is just another relaxed week.

I uploaded a lot of sounds for reality software which was my bigger thing.

A new version of the game was released with more ships.

Due to a help from a friend on game I was able to fast track my mining gambit and was able to get enough cash to inherit all the ships I needed.

I need now to do more cracking to get the cash for upgrades.

Most of the rest of the week has been spent playing oriolgomez game beatstar which is like bopit but with more challenge pluss the ability to add on extra module packs means you can never get bored.

Other than that I have trained, played music and mucked round the place with some old radio programs.

some family are due on sunday to be over at the end of the week.

That’s basically it except that there is a new update for windows which is not needed if you are not from Europe or a sertain new country I can not spell, who has joined.

If you don’t have to deal with currency from that place or use the language or anything you don’t need this really.

However ms has deemed it needed and so everyone has a critical update to kill one currency and add it to the euro.

if I were Microsoft I would have it for that language and for anyone that needed it but not for everyone.


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2 Responses to another week closes

  1. Shaun,
    Will you post on here a link for a demonstration of beatstar if you have the time? I wanted to hear it.
    And that windows update thing is annoying. I hate having to shut my computer down like that because it wants to update

    • smeveriss says:

      Hi steve I have uploaded a small demo to the audiogames forum in beatstar descussion. However the link is at This was recorded on a field recorder and was recorded in a hurry. I have been quite busy of late so thats why things have taken a while for a responce. This should give you an idea at any rate. As for windows update I don’t mind it if its security or an optional driver but I do get anoyed especially since the security seem to fix the same issues over and over. The ffact that a lot of stuff fixed is because people click links and get malware and ms have to patch because of gullable users. And then have to repatch the patch again several times because of the fact that those patches break the net or other things to the point where people loose the ability to restart their system and need to remove and update again maybe reinstall windows to get it working. Timezone changes are ok but this one for a country I will never visit or use really is not what I care for its an unnecessary update as far as I care. I have people that do admin work that spaciffically do not have antivirus and block ms updates ever being downloaded because they cause a lot of trouble. While I wouldn’t run my system with security holes in it ms updates have the reputation.

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