I am roling along

Hi all.

Well I am back and in the loop.

I have not touched web games as I have spent the last 3 days trying to catch up on things.

I am now done as far as I can say I am and so I will continue.

Roboid is one thing I need to do and then there are some books I should get and such.

I decided to clear my tv local cue to play later because at this rate I won’t be getting to it.

I am getting to distracted, lately and while the holiday was nice I have found myself slowing down to much and relaxing when I should be working.

On my list of things to do as well as books is

1.   check on job status.

2.  check on a package for dad.

3.  try to hack roboid and check choiceofgames and ffproject.

4.  Get back to reality software work.

I havn’t seriously done this because I just havn’t had the time to care.

I need to sort out some other things to.


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