windows updates this month

Hi all.

Well windows updated itself yet again releasing a lot of updates ms link, ms dotnet and msse.

Windows did more to fix the errors last month because yet again they are not as bad.

Just note.

if you have a hard drive as your boot drive prepair to wait at least 15-30 minutes to get the updates installed.

and once started be prepaired for a slow as computer for the first hour and maybe another restart as stuff compiles.

To all users of asrock boards.

I have just upgraded an i3 box with 7 and the thing restarted in the middle of updating after you reboot in that phase.

it then seemed to fix itself so who knows.

Not much on this week.

its the last week before my brother returns from his tour of Europe.

My mum continues to continue to get better, and well that’s about it.

we have friends today tomorrow and Friday round for lunch and dinner and on Saturday one of the sons of one of our cusins in Holland is here to work so he is coming round for dinner.

later just now

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2 Responses to windows updates this month

  1. Hey Shaun,
    Read that post. I don’t have a computer around here with administrative access on it, so can’t update windows updates and stuff. Thankfully.
    Hopefully this won’t happen on my personal computer when I get it back, that’ll be a real nusence.

    • smeveriss says:

      well you can have it if you are admin that updates can be installed. But unless I have any special requests, most systems I have in the local network have 1 account some have passwords but generally not for local use. My issue being I would need narator or something at login to select the account, its why I don’t really secure stuff as much as I should. On remote systems or the units I maintain some have cloud accounts, some have other accounts. Thing is once you have all the libraries loaded, all you ned to do is update java, codec pack mega windows, flash plugin and activex every month or whenever it comes out. run ccleaner and disk cleaner in admin mode every so often. Its got a lot easier from when microsoft started their crazyness. I remember sifting through disks and other things looking for a drivver for a 3d card in an old system with no documentation. babysitting norton and other security because it would block stuff I wanted and do stupid things. Not to mention when the security software did not play nice with something and mangle it. I then had to reformat, restore to a backup and find out what went wrong. It is why though not really that secure I use msse because it has given me less trouble. I have time to do other things like write this comment for example. In the old days I spent 90% of my time fixing the software and keeping it working. not including issues, faliers and other jnk. Saying that my dream if I ever got it would to at least on home have a server, that would be dedicated to a lot of things. storage, alternitive windows updater, time server, and other things, streams maybe a pbx who knows. One thing I would do is have it powerfull enough so I could load good security stuff on it, and hopefully would not ned to work on it to much. in reality this may not happen. But I am alowed to dream. on that note is where I may post stuff, I am crashmaster there. it would be good if I got comments on that there are other articles there and a podcast one of my friends runs that site and I admin it a little. Most stuff we got are spams, I think I got 1-2 comments but most of them are total garbage.

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