Another week continues

And again another week.

I have been sneezing a lot this week and both my ears are blocking and unblocking probably having to do with the fact that allergy season is well and truly underway.

at  any rate my hearing is a bit off.

Its not to bad but I can’t really do much about it for the moment, I hate sneezing attacks which is what has got me out of bed this morning.

Not much has gone on.

Finnished the submition for my language job and have heard nothing.

Started the process to get a debit card but nothing from that either.

I did some testing on deathmatch alpha, in fact I played the latest public beta twice this week.

Little has gone on after this week’s tests though.

The only thing this week that I really managed to get done was chatting to uncle al for a bit over Skype and talking to bro.

Mum continues to get stronger and while she will have to be carefull and can’t go out herself as such it may mean that people can start taking us out.

I also completed my election voting over the phone and while you loose the atmosphere on poling day it does mean at least for the blind that it can be done securely and conveniently without the hastle of leaving the house.


I also downloaded a few new audio dramas and music disks but not much.

Tried  experimenting with virtual machines again but failing and not much inbetween.

Also a few people came round.

little else to report.



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4 Responses to Another week continues

  1. Hey Shaun,
    I haven’t played Dm In a while, guess I should start doing that again. Maybe when I have time later on I’ll give it a go.
    Glad your mum is doing ok.
    Also what Audio dramas do you listen to? Just looking for some recommendations.


    • smeveriss says:

      Hi steve.
      Wow, ok, Most of my blog is basically a glorified todo list, I really don’t get anyone reading this and posting stuff.
      my dramas.
      Depends what you want.
      pendantaudio and darkerprojects were one of the first dramas I listened to, though pendantaudiio had a library shakeup and lost a lot of their old stuff.
      circus13 productions is another good one but their stuff has not been updated in a while.
      the leviathan chronacles is good though I have not listened through it fully really.
      we’re alive the zombie cast is now complete and that’s an epic
      the stuff at most of it anyway parodies and drama is good stuff. though not updated in a bit is based on the movie independence day, aliens taking over the earth.
      The difference is you are on a modrn style aircraft carrior, and you find things like the aliens saw us being violent and got scared of us more than them.
      There are other junkish things but there you go.
      startrekvalkery is also good
      startrek continues is good to but you will need to convert the stuff to mp3 with youtube downloader.
      or something
      Note a lot of the following are my database of trek stuff most of it may be old.
      on the ege of darkness though not really done much is good and 2013 north is good its zombie cast went a bit off track and can be confusing I believe its called hg world.
      The following is probably in the trek bbs ariea.
      From memory what I’d head for would be
      borg war movie which is basically based on startrek eleteforce 2.
      and which is interesting.
      I have a lot more stuff but these are what I’d concidder really good.
      Saadly due to bandwidth and such I can’t just upload all my gegs of audio drama somewhere.
      but still.
      One thing if you can get it legally or otherwise is the starwars radio drama on npr.
      That’s starwars as you know it but with a load of background, a lot of the battles and background to a lot of stuff is extended a long way.
      There is at least one more I know should be good.
      aah edict0 fis that’s good, space casy though its an podiobook is good.
      in fact look at the stuff on there there are a lot of stuff I don’t bother with but still.
      There are directories of audiodrama round, audiodrama directory is one of these, I havn’t really had the time to search for audio drama of late because I have so much.
      Most audio drama you get is full quality, if its in web quality you may have to buy it but still.
      A lot of my stuff is fan films as well.
      if you are getting a video aim for mp4 or wmv but be aware that wmv of lower bitrate may have digital signal bleedthrough.
      While it can be bundeled with junkware and is a bit iffy if you can handle craziness on install and other junk I still semi recommend at least for now the youtube converters and studio pack.
      Just remember that when you do use it you will want to use the lowest bitrate movie to convert, flv is usually the best.
      Also you will want to have audio files as either ogg or mp3 mp3 at 192kbps is ok.
      If you have an ipod you may want to use original format as most of those come as m4a files you can even make the stuff ipod ready.
      dvdvideosoft stuff offers convertions to a few things including sertain phones.
      The reason I don’t fully indorce it to anyone bar people that are semi tech or hackers is that the installation is semi unstable.
      It can choose to load opencandy which is used for advertising.
      Right now that just means an extra page of installers after the install.
      Please note a lot of the addons that comes with the program, ie downloaders and such are conciddered spyware, you don’t need these loaded but can coppy your shortcut and paste it in the converter.
      Also note, that every so often dvdvideosoft change their advert scheme, if you get something like tunup utilitys dvdvideosoft toolbar or other spyware so far not conduit then you are just unlucky.
      Its why I don’t fully recommend it because they never keep the same scheme.
      you may need to restore at times if that happens.
      and please remember to do a backup unlike me when I didn’t and killed dropbox.
      Another thing, if you receive some fancy exception error, on program start after pasting a video and then on each start it means in short that this video is not able to be downloaded.
      to clear this navigate to your %appdata% folder, open dvdvideosoft and in there you should find the youtube or whatever tool you use.
      go in there and there is a history foldr either in profile or in the root of that foldr.
      you need to open the history and clear its contents.
      so far I have not found anything to bad.
      Also note that because they are subscription based there will be a line of adds near the end of the screen.
      You shouldn’t need to bother about these as its the last thing on screen.
      Please note dvdvideosfot will download the entire vido then convert it but this will make sure you get the video as it should be.
      Just be sure you have the right video.
      you don’t want high def in fact the crappier the definition is the less you have to download, unless you want to keep the video which you can set.
      From all the programs I have tried it still does the job when I want to watch something offline.
      Sadly the show frontierguard which I used to have was never completed, only 1 season, its a pitty but its not online anymore.

      • Yeah Shaun I’m following the blog, that’s how I get your posts most of the time, through the reader. Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check some of those out. Seems to me like a lot of them relate to star wars…

      • smeveriss says:

        well I mustly am a scifi geek through and through. its why they are. Bar we’re alive and bits of hg world I have not found a lot of good horror drama.

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