This week in review

Hi all.

Well its another week.

several things have happened some good and some bad.

Windows likes to freez a lot, not enough to get me mad but enough to disrupt my day.

things that do are safe remove hardware, jarte, windows update and sometimes explorer.

Its probably due to the new updates speaking of which ms has managed to fix this stuff however while this is mostly fixed if you push the system like I have done today bits tend to freez.

explorer and ie related stuff.

There are 4 updates ms has said will cause the system to freez, they were not released yet but  I guess they will get the boot and replaced next month.

I spent part of the week fixing my wireless which after setting a few options for both wireless and wired cards I think I have it under control, enabling the d protocol, setting all wifi modes to performance, and making sure that roming is high should make sure the thing updates itself.

Interestingly if I have the error and go to the network centre the network will refresh itself.

Over that I acquired the geocitties midi collection for the net archive and after trying all sorts of junk to get away from the  windows synth found synthfont and as a result spent some time searching for fonts.

I have them now so we will see cousins party this sunday.

Oh and I went to a reunion of sorts with an old school thing which was cool.


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