Another week

Hi all

Well spent most of this week with household chores.

Helping mum move round the places, setting up bits of her ipad, email, printer and other such things.

I listened to a doco of impulsive shoppers and I can relate to that.

When I first went flatting, I spent cash a lot on stuff that I do not need, I do the same to a lesser extent with friends.

Freedom of being out not doing the same old things all the time, is one thing I enjoy especially when I know I am safe, never really gone out by myself much or wish to do that either.

A lot of friends visited us this week so a lot of talking and other ztuff.

Over that ms released a new  windows update agent, and I got involved with a English language practice startup company out of costarika of all places.

Not much to say otherwise.

I need to decide on my next point of attack this weekend, later

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