And another week ends

Hi all on the interwebs.

Its been ages since I have managed to finnish all my work at a reasonable time.

Never the less today has been one of these days and I can finally sloth around.

My mum went into hospital to get something done with her knees, as a result a lot of random things need to be done in the middle of the day, things like taking stuff down and utting it back up again.

Never the less I have got some work done.

1.  started testing more of the deathmatch alpha project by realitygaming.

Including updates to the libraries necessary to run source right.

2.  due to a hacker, spammer or whatever mtg decided to die the material was restored by one of the users but no idea about our jobs or where things are.

3.  my language job that I have been working on getting going well into seems to be on the edge of getting there.

I have a general idea of this but still who knows.

4.  I got and completed part or at least one session of a technology job interview for some research and  this has now gone through.

I have a few things to sort out for tomorrow including shopping but then I am done.

Yesterday saw me and aunt taking my brother ryan to the airport for his holiday, at least one of us bastards is out of the cold.

Its been raining and fucking windy all through this fucking week.

Its hard to sleep because of the wind and its damnd fucking cold at night.

Thank god for oil heaters.

If you don’t have one then get one because they are worth the slow heat.

What I do is put them right to the burn in hell setting till you get to a point you feel like doing so then turn it down to a near medium cook setting and you should be ok.

Generally when I am not moving much and working I prefur it to be cold though.

laters for now

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