another blog

well its another week of blogging.
Except for training, the party was quite cool
My aunt is going 60 in june her party is on the 7th woot!
Work over the computer continues.
Its a bit widr than expected.
Backed up the drives and such to my primary drive.
Looked at the cds for the system.
Its all asus as far as I can tell.
But the fucking disks are ffull of all sorts of shit, Norton trials, downloaders for power dvd probably trials, some other photo and other software.
a lan moniter which could be cool and some diags that could be interesting.
However everything is coded weirdly
What the fuck is ucms
ai raid controller bus kdgs8t5309rergsd
jklte9 drivers.
ubdgjk53w0e9fds drivers.
I am a hardware tech and a hacker but I really wish someone would use coman sence when labelling fucking packages.
I would understand dvd ram uj810 internal slimline
but I do not know snkt890fgdgstwer drivers for wety8y9r7erfgf and ksgeg95434 on windows installer.
It makes no sence to me.
a file called bupdate looks like a bios update

there is a lg firmware which is totally visual that I know and is worth squat.
My plan is to get the board number and model and then we see.
Go to asus site and get what we need.
If its intel then I can probably get it from intel but the rest well we will see.
If its realtech the network drivers and the sound we can get ok the rest well.
I’ll probably need the board serial number to.
Not much more to say.
More work on getting upgrades continues.

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