soldiering on

Hi all.
Well its another week.
My ear is mostly ok though I have not decided to go back to gaming or anything really yet.
I have done some more testing of snowboarding by realitygaming and it looks ok.
Training is tomorrow and then I need to get sorted the design documents for dad’s computer
I spent part of this week doing update sorting for computers.
For those that still use xp my grandpa and dad currently there are still a few things needing doing and I did those Thursday.
Saturday night it looks as if we will be having some friends over sunday is walking day.
Little else to report bar that I wore out some shoes and mangled my left foot while doing it though that is better, I need to get a new pair of shoes though as I am now using my walking pair or at least using the pair that is in storage.
My ear still needs some work but at least its not blocked and sore.
laters all

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