This weeks drama

Hi all.
Well this week started off on Friday.
I had family from Europe.
an aunt of sorts and and her husband cousins of one of my actual aunts.
We went bush walking for the first 3 days good walks and the best I had.
Unfortunately my brother got a sore throat which I myself got.
This eventually went Thursday/Friday mostly.
However my left ear which has always been weak and prone to blocking since it did this for unknownreasons 2 years ago has done so again and has not unblocked in facttoday its totally blocked up and sore.
Its been sore for a few days.
Over all this I have been told my mum needs a knee allinement and this will happen on august 11.
So this means that I will need to get sorted the crown for my left side back tooth as soon as I can.
Now my ear is really bad so now I need to sort that out.
The last time I used steroids to do this which it did.
However my skin gets sirisis and I just can’t keep that and my exam away.
Also the last time I used steroids I got headakes all day long so they are no good for me.
Every so often the laptop has decided that it will be off the net I thought I had fixed this but last night it did this again.
I have had it interrupt once or twice and its ok and sometimes my cards go down for unknown reason but arestart fixes it.
Well windows must have been in the middle of something important because on starting up the system, a lot of errors came up, and the system did not start right.
Fortunately for me the system did eventually start again though all the hardware auto installed itself and I had to reset the time and date.
No idea what caused the issue but its all going again.
To be honest though I am happy that today is rest day.
I did start training yesterday but it was obvious my boddy was sick as I had only done a few minutes about 15 or so when my boddy decided to feel really strange and so I stopped.
Today I will rest and then tomorrow I will have to sort my ear which must have something in it.
laters all

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