party central

Hi all.
Its been a busy week.
Can’t fucking remember what the last posting was.
AAh yeah, I think it was that we were getting ready for visiting family.
Well they have been here for the last 4 days.
Except for managing to get in training and a little mucking on the computer its been go go all day and night.
Dinner parties every night at our house, dessert and other things included.
Between those times, walking through bush, and up and down small mountains.
Along beaches and over drops and other junk.
This makes shaun a vary tired fucker.
Seriously I have been all over the place not that I am complaining by all means but used to it I am not.
Its been good to get away from my computer, and the email.
Today is the last day they are here and promises to be a day of shopping on top of other things.
It however is wet, the last few days were fine.
Its also really hot with a large storm moving in.
Its also the reason I am blogging, I have not been able to sleep since 3 and decided to catch up with my online work.
That’s done now so I guess I will sleep till 10 or 11 or something maybe less than that, train luckily its only 2 things today, then who knows.

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