The interesting writings of an admin

Hi all.
Vary little happened this week to write about.
Firstly winamp has released its last ever version and after 15 years of service due to streaming and other players being better than it is going to shut down but may come back as part of microsoft.
it shuts down next month.
Other than that I got grandpa’s system upgraded which in itself is quite good.
Not much planned as of yet, went out to a small dinner with some of the family.
went with grandpa for shopping and lunch as usual on wednesday and normal training and other things continued.
Either next week or the week after I will know about what I have to do that concerns work.
And that should be that.
I still need to upgrade uncle als system but who knows when that will happen.
The guy is just so fucking busy I can’t get a good day to chat with him.
What I may have to do is get his computers over here and do it over christmas though I really hate doing that.
his desktop needs office reloaded as it is as he mangled it when transfering his account over.
I will also need to reinstall nvda.
Little left to say right now
Next year there is a planned trip up the murray river in melbourne over april and thats it.
planns for bali are being pushed backward till the year after next.
I have to get a crown installed and know for sure I probabbly will get more work.
I have spent a lot of time with a site called which is a choose your own adventure type of story book site just like the paperbacks but online.
Since I grew up with those being read to me the online gamebook version is the next natural step.
Its easy to tell what is bad and what is good and some ends can be better than some others.
Then again there can be long storys that rock and short ones that suck or have no actual end.
anyway later peoples thats me for another week.

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