Another load of wrathfull reasons that ms is really going down the tubes

Hi all.
Well, its a shock!
Today I have almost nothing to really do.
Got up at 6 30, and now I am almost ready.
Yesterday I was trying to get things installed, it was update day.
It started like this.
got up, did all my net related junk.
it became 6 30 by then.
I had got up at 5.
Ran several critical updates on my xp and 7 systems.
this took no time.
I started my xp ms update program
The program just sat there.
I manaually downloaded and installed most of the updates, ie, etc.
I restarted then ran the program and it ran fine and updated all updates.
did the same to 7.
went to the server.
Same thing, updates ok like on 7.
went to my dad’s workstation.
I have mo idea what dad does on his desktop but I sometimes think that he can be as messy as my brother.
Someone had knocked or kicked the speaker cables out of the power socket.
Now as if that were not enough, my dad had installed a music searcher for his photo and video app.
Unknown to him it had come with torch and a load of other spyware.
I searched and was able to find a way to clean that all off, but I wasted 1 hour most of that was routing cabling.
I finally updated the systems.
finnished mid day.
the server needed a draggon update.
That finnished somewhere round 12.30.
in between all this I trained and put out the clothes.
at 1 I took in mail and clothes then went to lunch and did a bit of shopping for grandpa.
After this, the phone lines went down for voice for quite a while.
Not much else to say.
A few things however are getting on my nerves.
1. desktop environments.
Ms is starting to remove everything that is not cloud based.
that includes xp which is old but also includes starting to scale back the skype desktop client.
I still think the desktop is more accessable than touch or rather what ms terms touch in windows will ever be.
In fact I still think the xp desktop is more officient than the win7 desktop, the old office menus are more officient than ribbons.
If I had known that mainstream tech would become like this I think I would have stayed with my blind spaciffic device.
We use modified windows ce and other junk as far as I know.
Ok we could only do blindy things but surely it would be better than this junk.
Now ms has decided to scrap sha1 security in favor of sha2 in the next 3 years.
That in itself is ok except I know vary well that quite a lot of our 32 bit programs will be done in sha1 certs.
Now the only good thing is that there are probably things that use sha2 right now so thats not a big issue.
What is though is that ms seems to be changing things so it effects everyone.
The last time they increased their certs incription it took a month or so for people to catch up so I had errors and all sorts.
Then there is the new ms account.
What is good for ms doesn’t jell with the user.
What good is synking your settings, backups, and other online storage if your net fails and it can do.
What good is your startup account only being online.
How to fix.
if it dies, reformat and the problem will go away.
And oh make a local account.
Hold on.
Make a local account?
Are you telling me that you also need a local account!
If thats so then why not just say fuck the cloud and use a local account.
I have not got an answer to this.
But it seems with all the online stuff ms has, that a local is better.
Advantages over local and cloud.
1. cloud.
allows online storage intigration.
2. allows synking between devices and device backup.
3. all the social aspects, etc.

1. only works if the net is active so if you don’t have it, kiss your os and files goodbye.
2. no access to online content of any sort if the net dies.
3. makes your system into a useless paperweight till you reformat again.

Local account.
1. access to your files all the time.
2. local storage means no net needed.
3. no distractions from online world.
4. and above all if the net dies you still have access to your computer.

1. no syncing or cloud service though seriously I don’t want to synk every day.
neither do I want to skype or msn all the time or get notifications all the time.
2. no online content.
again that could be a pluss.
3. you will need to backup yourself, and if your drive dies you could loose things.
4. its secure, no viruses, etc at least unless you have some already from online.
5. Its been the fucking way you have fucking been doing it since windows fucking 95.
So fuck the fucking internet cloud and ms is my view.
All my research I have done suggests that with all its power without the net the cloud is quite fucking useless.
And I won’t be going anywhere bar local.
I have locals with no passwords on my home system and autologins.
and if I have to take my laptop away from the net I can at least login without cloud access.
I personally think that ms should have the cloud as a secondary login or have a way to default to local mode.

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