here we go again

Hi all.
Been meaning to write again but as usual getting the material to write about was a problem.
Actually it was not but between various bits and bobs half it is out of my head.
I had some interesting stuff to but oh well what the fuck.
This week involved some small updates to the secondary workstation and my unit, ahead of this week’s bit upgrade as its patch tuesday.
I got a new cd and also am starting my christmas present purchacing and other list.
I have some more books to read and a few other things.
Also after a bit of fiddling I can safely say my soundcard on this xp laptop is on the way out.
Oh well its not the end of the world.
and if push ever comes down to it, I can play games on my usb headset.
If only more games were written for modern systems for the blind and the old ones converted faster.
Testing with deathmatch continues as well as a new project based on the bioshock series of games.
Little else has been going on though.
later all

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