sick week

Hi all.
Welcome to sick week where we vomit all day or something.
Not that bad but sick seems to be the theme this week.
I started the week with a cold, the whole cabboodle
Blocked nose, throat, and energy loss.
I managed to train but still have issues.
the big training is tomorrow and although I am mostly back I wander if I will survive.
My uncle has heart trouble and is in hospital also my aunty crashed the one decent car they have which is not itself new but still.
They have an old car which is just that old.
so all computer events for now are just that on the pipe waiting in limbo thanks god for making life dump I really like it doing that except not.
My other aunt is getting a kitchen so its a mess.
not much else happened personally.
upgrading programs and other things followed but other than that not much.
I plan to try to get jono round tomorrow as I really want to get out.
later all

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